Friday, November 14, 2008

back to natural things*

Where have i been the last few days? I've been Elsie-ing! So. I've been taking Elsie Flannigan's online class lately and its just been more than fabulous, as I've said before.

Some projects we've been prompted and taught to do are:
*photo self portraits
*fall felt and canvas brooches
*painting the covers of old books
*creative drawing journals
*mini books from Starbucks cup holders

This week we've gotten some Elsie*cake embroidery patterns for our pins that are just so cute I can hardly contain myself. I can't wait to make mine and wear it and share it and love it. :]

[p.s. right now my friend Nick is standing here and making fun of me for blogging. hahaha. I'm the coolest person i know. hahaha]

Well anyway, i just wanted to share a few projects that I actually have completed from the class! The first one I ended up doing was the Starbucks mini. I did mine a LITTLE differently than she did, but i *LOVE* the way it turned out!

(a FEW products I used are: Chatterbox nature and family kit, Starbucks drink holders, acrylic paints, Making Memories pebble clip, Sharpie fine tip, Making Memories rick rack, catalog images, American Crafts ribbon, index cards, My Mind's Eye journaling tag, Colorbok raw chipboard punch out letters, staples, photos, cardboard, etc.)

The next project that i have started dutifully is what I'm calling my "doodle journal" or my "sketch journal." The point of this project, i think, is to let us simplify our thoughts more that way we don't have a mess of randomness running around in our minds that we can't handle. I think this is the perfect project for me! I finally painted the cover last night and i wanted to share a few pages as well!

(COVER: Sketchbook from Hobby Lobby, acrylic paint, masking tape, chipboard reinforcement, Sharpie fine tip, Love, Elsie gel stickers, graph paper, typewriter words)
(PAGES: bound sketch paper, Sharpie fine tip, colored pencils)
I love that all I have to use on these is just some simple drawing materials. Its really letting me know what my true style is. :] It's also a challenge because I'm used to mixed media and paper, not so much just a pen!

As for my "other news" section like always:
My mom gave me sewing patterns for my birthday this year and money to buy the entire line of Heidi Grace fabric that I know and adore. I just wanted to share the photo I took of all my lovelies from that stellar purchase. *feel free to swoon NOW*

Also, i REALLY REALLY need to start on Christmas gifts! haha. I keep saying i will, and I just can't find the time. That ends TONIGHT!

I have made a little fun list to help me see where I stand as I go on gifts. I have ideas for SOME of these people, like... 5 or 6 of them, but it's getting hard to think of things I can make for my sister and my dad. If you can think of some really SPECTACULAR and really nice gifts I could craft, let me know! Keep in mind that:

*i paint
*i scrap
*i sew
*i bead

k cool. thanks for helpin me out! Get the ideas coming! I'd LOVE to hear them!

Tonight I'm working. (for those of you who don't know, i work at the front desk in my dorm. EASY job AND the best part is that I can craft at the desk if i have no homework which is magnificent.) I'm working from 8 PM EST to midnight. BAH. that=bleck on a Friday, but oh well. loser-tastic for me tonight! I can handle it! :]

Some blogs I'm LOVING at the moment:
*Creature Comforts.
*It's all about the Details.
*At the Seven.
*Elise Blaha's Handmade Holiday.

I'm sure there will be more where that came from judging by the fact that I'm meeting SO many amazing girls through Elsie*cake class!

Things to craft this weekend:
*more Paper:08 layouts. ALMOST DONE! SO SO CLOSE!
*TAIF layout! Playing cards! This one's being done by the ever lovely Elise Blaha! maybe you've heard of her? haha
*Vintage book painting
*Elsie embroidered brooch
*self portraits
*more sketch journaling
*upload things to SIS!
*Start my December Daily prompted by Ali Edwards!

Well that's all for now I think, folks! YOu'll be the first to know if i get Christmas projects and/or layouts done! I have some thrifting finds and a few other things to share next time! Get excited!

EDIT:: I forgot to mention that my friends and I are planning a FANTASTIC trip to Mall of America for Spring Break this coming year! We're all SUPER excited! So if anyone knows of any fairly inexpensive/reasonable hotels within a 5 mile radius, let me know! k thanks!

Love you all! xoxoxox


Anonymous said...

yay! I posted the stuff that I have purchased lately. I think I'm going shopping today for some good fitting jeans, too. :] I gained some weight since I have come home from Alabama- like 20 pounds in two years- so the jeans I had don't fit correctly. haha.

I love your coffee sleeve book. I made one for a class I taught at the LSS that my mom happens to own. haha. I need to make another one. :] Did you use red line tape to attach your pages to the coffee sleeves?

<3 B

Anonymous said...

P.S. I heart Starbucks' Caramel Apple Spice, but I normally stick with their decaf coffee.

bohemiangirl said...

dang you're good. beautiful work. i haven't even started yet.

Lucy Edson said...

Love that Starbucks mini!! What a clever idea for an album - that Elsie class sounds like fun.

I didn't know that Heidi Grace has a fabric line! That is one of my other addictions - lol ;D TFS!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Appreciate the sweet comment! :)

krista said...

Absolutely love the Starbucks mini album....those are alot of fun to use! I've made one too for my friend. Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

oh girl. I think you win. I hate feeling icky, but it sounds like you've had it worse. You are def. in my prayers with your tumor. That sounds so not fun.

I tried to sign up to receive their catalog twice and still no luck. haha. I'll deal.

Heather said...

It looks like you've been busy! The starbucks mini is super cute. I hope you are enjoying Elsie's class!! What type of gifts are you making for guys?! I always have the most trouble with them.