Tuesday, November 11, 2008

inspiration overload today. my favorite kind of day to be exact.

I'm really sorry that all I've had lately to post are layouts, but i mean... I'm just on a ROLL! so excited that my Paper:08 shctuff is finally coming together. Woot.

Well, tonight a few more layouts and a few more thoughts:

Paper:08 Operation 43: Music

(Toast catalog pages, vintage record and record sleeve, brown paper bag, sheet music, black dye ink, Target letter stamps, clear stamps, date stamp, random paper scraps, computer copy paper, Making Memories rub on labels, ink pen, Creative Memories journaling pen: fine tip)

Scrap Mojo Challenge 25
This was a challenge about Alice in Wonderland and I just ADORED this prompt for real. I love Alice in Wonderland. I've never read the book, but the story itself is inspiring and i loved the Disney version sadly enough. But its just amazing!

(Creative Café ledger imitation paper, Anthro catalog image, butterfly cut outs from Purple Fresh, random paper scraps, brown cardstock, black dye ink, date stamp, K & Company journal tag, plastic baggy, staples, vintage thrifted lace, a secret note on personal stationery, acrylic paint, Sharpie fine tip, Making Memories poinsettia embellishments and brads, Jo Ann's felt cupcake and felt tulip border, Uni Ball signo pen in white)

In other news=

*ELSIE"S CLASS STARTED TODAY!!!! For all of you who didn't get to sign up, i really wish you would have because I'm seriously on inspiration overload! I love everything that we're learning from one of the greatest artists and just.... so so many things that are inspiring me right now. Ugh. i love it! I just bought a new journal to doodle in and paint on and I'm just SO ready to go! I can't wait to share my projects with you! :]

*I realized today that no matter how many days God gives me to live, i still will not have had enough time in my life to create everything that i want to create and live everything that i want to accomplish. I'm so aspiring that its crazy. I have a huge list for my life. When i told my mom this over the phone today she said: "Well you better get started then. One day at a time." Love that. Thanks Mom. lol

*Officially 2 WEEKS until Thanksgiving! 2 weeks until I'm on the beach writing in my journal with my boyfriend beside me. I love the idea SOOO much. Its the first time we've ever been on a family vacation together and I can't even tell you how excited I am about it! And I get to see my family from down south which is just... indescribable! I miss everyone SO much!

*I think I want to try a video post sometime soon because I've never done one and I just feel like its something I should do. I'm thinking....a tour of my room? That could be cute and fun! Plus it could FINALLY give my friends and my aunt a way to see it! Hmmmmm. I'll be cooking something up soon!

*ALSO=== thank you for all the sweet words that you guys leave on my blog daily. I love hearing these things and its just unbelievable how much art support is out there. YOu are WAY too sweet and it just lifts my spirits and warms my heart to read these lovely things. Thank you SO much.

*If any of you out there have a SIS account, I need to know! I want to look at your stuff! My username on SIS is "keread" so just find me because I wanna check out your stuffs!

Things I need to post about in the nearish future:
-all the goodies I've bought lately and trust me, there is A LOT!
-projects from Elsie's class
-a video blog
-more photos

Ok well I think that's all for tonight. Its been a very inspirational day that I have loved and...can't wait for another one tomorrow and Wednesday. Goodnight all! <3


Bekah said...

I was so thinking I need to do a post of all of the things I have bought recently, as well. :] Probably too much, but it's okay. You gotta just embrace life. haha.

I can't wait to see all of the creative new things you come up with, Miss Elaine!

<3 B

Marie said...

That is a really cool page! I love the colors and all the bits and bobs on there! Thanks so much for playing!


Mollie said...

I have always wanted to do a video post! :) Let's do it together! Well... not together, because we aren't in the same place... but you know, lol Let's post a video post at the same time! We'll say hi to each other... You know, give a "shout-out". haha :)

Simona said...

Love the Alice in Wonderland page, it's gorgeous!!!

susan opel said...

You really should read Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass! It's totally bizarre - I *heart* it!

AND we take interns here. Wanna come to Utah? ;) Not like I have any say, though.

Bekah said...

Hey girl. You are so welcome for the card. I just wish I would have had time to make one.

I think you are like the cutest thing ever, and make the cutest stuff! haha.

<3 B

Melissa said...

Cute mojo layout!! Thanks so much for playing along with us!
Melissa - Mojo

Christina C. said...

wow, great pages!
thank you so much for sharing. love the take on the alice challenge.

Lindsay said...

Awesome, awesome!

Thanks for participating in the Mojo challenge!

-Lindsay (Mojo)