Monday, November 17, 2008

2 small things.

Well well well. TAIF layout, thank you for joining us! This was for Elise Blaha's challenge on playing cards. Honestly guys...really wasn't feelin it. I was STOKED to do the challenge because let's face it: it's Elise Blaha and I try my best to do whatever Elise Blaha does. haha. But it just....didn't turn out like I wanted it to. Oh well.

(colored cardstock, old Polaroid film packaging, mailbox combination card from the dorm desk, Spare Parts arrow and brad, French brochure, DYMO label maker text and date, white Uni Ball signo pen, playing cards, random single sheet paper, graph paper)

Also, i just wanted you guys to see what 2 of my besties got me from a Salvation Army this weekend! Greg and Andy were so sweet. They brought me THIS little lovely from a Salvo in Fort Wayne. :]

Isn't he SO cute? We're pretty sure that he was once an insence burner, but clearly he's now a whimsy for my shelf. yayness.

Man I'm tired. I'm hoping to get my laptop back SOOOOOOON because I'm miserable without it because that means no more checking SIS and Blogger compulsively. :[ haha.

okies. night all.


life_love_art said...

I want my laptop back, too! Not being able to just get on the internet when I want to and NOT having PHOTOSHOP is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, when all else fails, just remember that you're getting a GORGEOUS, BRAND-NEW one!

susan opel said...

That Andy - what a sweet guy! And that owl is super-di-duper cute!

You, Elaine Read, despite your ailing computer must pop over to our blog 'cause you've been tagged!

PS - Thanks for the shout out to our blog the other day! :)

Gayle said...

I just made a massive upload to flickr, including all of my paper adventure 08 layouts! Hope you enjoy!