Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mini Book Roundup

To take a break from Outfit Overhaul, I wanted to share something I've been meaning to do for weeks now. As I'm cleaning and reorganizing our apartment for spring, I have compiled all my mini books and put them in a little wire basket for people to look through. I thought it would be fun to do a retrospect review on all the mini books I've done in the past 5 or 6 years. It is quite a sizable collection actually!

This isn't all of them. There are still some wandering around my parents' house that haven't made it here to the apartment yet, including our engagement album, but I will still include links to these albums if I can. So I will list them left to right, top to bottom and link you to the original blog post about each one!

1. allure: just a silly book told in the form of a child's fairy tale. Made with a french writing tablet my aunt brought me from France.

2. Autumn 2008: won in a blog giveaway from Holly. Just filled with Autumn loves from a mixed paper journal made by Holly.

3. Live: The first mixed paper journal I made on my own. All trash items I found on the spot in my home.

4. December Daily 08: My first go at Ali Edward's D.D. project. Turned out cute but not as fun as I'd hoped. lol Made from acrylic covers and mixed holiday papers.

5. Summer: Made for a challenge when I was a DT on Scrap Outside the Box. Made with art journal style.

6. Move Along Planner: from an RVA craft kit. A BLAST to make, but wasn't functional AT ALL for planner purposes. haha i still love it.

7. College: Features different words describing college life. Made from a repainted children's board book. <3

8. REALLY: Mini about our Spring Break trip to the Indy Children's Museum. Made from paper bag and scrapbook paper.

9. Craft Wallet: not exactly a mini, but I think of it as my mini books' cousin. haha Made from paper bag.

10. Confessions of a Suburban Princess: For Kara's Life Story online class. Made from various papers, tule, and a LOT of gesso.

11. Spring Styles: a fashion mini book with pages to paste in magazine pictures. Pre-assembled mini book.

12. i*e: All about Ian! Silver Medal winner for Elise Blaha's crafty Olympics! <3

13. It Book: Interesting magazine pages paired with appropriate quotes. Made from recycled journal.

14. ELaine: Made for me by my dear friend Allie. I need to blog real pix of this! Thank you ALLIE!

15. Magics: for one of Elsie's online classes. Loooooved making it! Made from Starbucks sleeves.

16. Love Notes: for Ian for Valentine's Day a few years ago. Basically it's full of pockets and surprises. :)

17. First Comes Love: engagement album! Made from a 3 Gypsies raw mini.

Well I hope you enjoyed the mini book inspiration! This surprisingly took a lot of time to assemble this post, but I'm glad I finally did it:) Let me know what you thought!



larissa said...

You made all of these?! You are so creative!

I love looking through your journal flickr because you have theee coolest handwriting.

I think you should do some blogging journal daily thing. Because I would totally join you!

catherine said...

I agree with larissa, I would be in too.

thanks for sharing your mini! They are so great and looking through your blog I discover new blog and that always make me happy.

astr!d said...

thank you for posting all these journals! they are georg! it inspired me to make one