Sunday, October 12, 2008

drinking pink lemonade

I think I'm coming out my hibernation mode now. FINALLY! I'm feeling ready to make things again haha. I went through a tricky week/s where i just wanted to browse around and look at other things and buy stuff on etsy, but I'm moving past that and starting to create! I've really been in the mood to sew, so i have been. :]

I've been making a few new things for my etsy shop actually that I'm pretty excited about. Sewn things. I've made some homemade journals with cases and I have a scarf brainchild that I'm getting started on too! I'm thinking some plushies might be in order as well. We'll see!

Just keep checking back at the Craftcake Designs shop for more jewelry, sewing, and paper updates! I'm thinking tonight or tomorrow. WOO HOO!

I'm kind of getting bummed because I'm expecting a bunch of things in the mail... like 5 things... and none of them have come in like...2 weeks. BAH. I'm expecting:
*my mermaid journal from etsy
*crafty olympics shtuff
*scrapstars kit
*pumpkin face scrubbies
*acorns from my aunt

One thing I've been meaning to share is my new "AUTUMN 2008" playlist that i created on iTunes. Mmmmm. I love fall sounds. What DON'T i love about autumn though? I picked some very mellow and soothing, yet slightly upbeat songs. good stuff.

Also, i never finished my week in a life. I feel like a quitter about it, but i just had a really busy week and nothing was going on to photograph aside from homework and mealtimes. haha. But here are a few photos from throughout the week that i thought I would share:

So pretty: :]

ANNNNNND big surprise, but i went thrifting on Friday. It started out as just a shopping trip. I got a few cute things:
This adorable argyle cardigan
These ballet flats
This tunic henley in green
And i WANTthese moccasins

but i also grabbed a few small deals at Goodwill too. I'm going through a pretty serious phase where everything i own has to look old or handmade. Its just...more characteristic and unique. And I'm all about unique.
I got a totally vintage overnight suitcase. The pattern caught my eye in the store and then i realized it was only $3!!! I tried to find it online somewhere, but i couldn't find it. I'm kind of unsure of the actual brand but who knows. It rocks all on its own.

Also... a 50 cent owl trivet! I think its pewter? Not sure what i'll use it for, but something awesome I'm sure. :] I feel so accomplished when i find good deals.

Some current faves right now are:
*i found this at Wish Jar and i loved it. I felt like it explained my life.

*The new LOVELY pics of Amy Tan. they are glorious and carefree and true to life for sure.

*cameos and more cameos
*Twitter. It's just one of those addicting things you can't escape.
*pink lemonade and club crackers. Yeah.
*Red Velvet Art. Although I've always been obsessed with them, they've been major inspiration this week.

*side note*
What excuse me what?:
My guest designer pic is up at Scrapstars??? Holla!

I feel better now that I've blogged. Its like...crafty catharsis. Mmmm.


Bianca said...

omg!!! this blog is sooo cool! i love ethe owl! also i LOVE your handwriting! (elsie like) i'm a fan!!

Heather said...

OKAY. The anchor! Too cute. I love anchors, but always forget to use them!! Must write it down. You should totally do the 1oo ideas!! I haven't read the whole list, I wanted it to be a surprise, but I think it's just soooo cool. Oh, with the bags, I didn't appliqué, just sloppily sewed. Lol. Glad you're feeling creative :]