Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day #1=Monday. it was perfect.

I'm starting a week in the life thanks to Miss Jessica. I think the amazing Elise Blaha is doing it toooooo! Well anyway, here's day #1:

cereal. Marshmallow Treasures to be exact. I like, HAVE TO HAVE my cereal in the morning. I'm a cereal girl.

I looked really cute today actually.

Chanel earrings, new thrifted jacket, new woven scarf, L.L.Bean messenger bag. rockin the pouf.

Got a package from my mom:vintage buttons and gourmet jelly beans from my Nana. What could be better?
I see new button rings in my future.

The juices started flowing. I started envisioning a trip to Hobby Lobby... uh oh.

Etsy: my addiction.

New button ring! Its woodgrain, but you can't see it very well in this photo.

pretty bikes on campus.

waiting for ian.

fabric shopping. :]]] I loved it.

my boy. <3

perfect weather day. oh man.


with their hats of course.

i love this one.

The day also included but not pictured:
*laundry party with Greg
*game night with new friends
*a huge bag of new craft stuff
*a giant jar of jelly beans

My day was very calm and serene and perfect today.


Anonymous said...

How cute are you!
I may have to start this week in the life next week....haha.
How fun!


Gayle said...

I love your posts! My camera is being fixed right now, and I want it back!! I want to do the week dare too! I love your use of the target dollar spot scrapbook items, I have picked up a few of them myself! I have dedicated this weekend to work on projects and once I get my camera back, I will share what I have made with you!


Rose said...

lovin your blog. so colourful :) keep meaning to get my camera out more and capture the daily stuff. thanks for the inspo :)