Sunday, September 21, 2008


OMG so here we go!

First off,

This is for the Rose Eckford jack which i was WAY excited to do. Big prints, silhouettes, and fun journaling!

(Me & My Big Ideas paper, DCMV mat stacks cardstock, Big Lots lace, staples, K & Company journaling tag, Scrap Essentials cloth label, Sharpie fine tip, Target letters stamps, black dye ink, date stamp, magazine image, uni-ball Signo gel pen, tiny pocket that I'm not sure where its from lol)

The Art is Found

File Folders:
I made a little mixed paper journal with a printed file folder i had laying around. I'm not crazy about it, but Hey! It was an adventure!

(file folder, magazine image, graph paper, random paper scraps, elastic lace, staples, button, silk flower embellie, Sticko letters, index card, Sharpie fine tip, binder clip, misc ribbon scraps)

Sewing pattern [from FOREVER ago]:
LOVE THIS. Thanks Alanis. :]

(Creative Memories cardstock, random paper scraps, Sharpie fine tip, paper studio paper, Target letter stickers, black dye ink, Target letter stamps, Simplicity pattern, vintage zipper packaging, Anthro catalog image)


Challenge #36: Collections

(copy paper, random paper scraps, brochure clippings, black dye ink, Target letter stamps)

Next, some awesome things I've found on the World Wide Web as of late,
I found this lovely beyond LOVELY scrapping room here at My aunt is constantly showing me things on here and I just love it. :] This particular part of the site is "Stampin' Spaces." But seriously...LOOK at this! Vintage jewelry boxes, ring trays, omg YUM.

This is a wedding cake that i found on a flickr site, and I actually feel bad because i can't remember where I found it. If you're reading this site, and its from YOUR flickr, please let me know! :] But i WANT THIS CAKE. Must. have. cake. at. wedding.

I feel like I'm skipping around so much, but oh well. haha. This next section is entitled WHAT EXCUSE ME WHAT?

Yup. That's my layout featured on Scrapstars! I'm still waiting on the prompt to be published so i can show my new LO, but still awesome. I'm so psyched about it. :]]]

Here's a few things that i made for some friends:


and now.... drumroll please...
My Goodies from ELSIE!!!! Eeeeekkk!
Behold::: Tiger Lily Girl Print!

Aren't they GLORIOUS??? And like, i was SO EXCITED to receive one of her little Apple Prints along with it!

So that's my massive post. And i loved it. love love loved it.


Kara said...

Okay. I'm having scrap-crushage.

Pink Heather said...

Love your scrapjack :)

Anonymous said...


life_love_art said...

Congrats on the win!
Where did you get your date stamp? I want, want, WANT one SO bad but can never find one. :( Staples, perhaps?
You're so freaking talented! Can't wait for the next set of pictures. :0)

Anonymous said...

haha. Yes, God is truly amazing! I, too, grew up in a Christian family. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit at 7 years old. I've had an amzing journey, but it just goes to show that crap happens sometimes and to everyone. The most remarkable of it all is how God pulls us through. :]

Heather said...

The collage page is FANTASTIC!! It is so visually pleasing. AND the circle with the stars for your friend is amazing too. You're really on a roll! Keep it up :]

lauren said...

♥loveLOVEloved♥ it, too!!! :)

(WOW!!! how do ya get SO MUCH DONE?! and it's allllllllllll so astonishingly fab!!! yikes!)

(ps: i think i am gonna be needing some vintage jewelry boxes to make my own BLING BAR (!!!)...i KNOW for sure i am gonna make a brochure sunburst--TOO COOL!!!)

Rose said...

Oh love your layout :)