Saturday, May 12, 2012

DIY: Tissue Fringe Pennants

The mirror over my vanity has been looking a little sad, so I decided to make a little garland-type decoration to spruce it up! I really love the look of Mexican tissue paper art, so I came up with this tissue paper fringe pennant design and it turned out just like i pictured it! Here's a tutorial so you can make your own!
*paper trimmer
*tissue paper
*scrapbooking paper
*tacky glue
*optional: charms

  Step 1:
Smooth out your tissue paper pack and fold it in half long-ways. Use the trimmer to cut 4.5" sections for your pennants. I cut 2 sections, then separated the layers to 3 or 4 layers each to create 5 sections for my garland. Trim the bottom part (the loose ends opposite the fold) to 5".

  Step 2:
You can do 2 types of garland: chevron (with the point in the middle) or pennant (with the points on the outside). I chose to do the pennants, but either one would be gorgeous.
Make the cuts to the bottom of the section (the side with the loose ends), then open it up, and refold it higher on the section. (shown above)

  Step 3:
Add in more layers of different papers to create color contrast.

Step 4:
Start cutting tiny vertical strips of fringe in 1 inch cuts. I cut the tissue layers at once, then cut the papers each separately so all your fringe doesn't end up looking the same.

  Step 5:
Next, cut strips 1" x 4.5" of chipboard to place inside the pennants so that they will hold their shape once the garland is on the wall. Otherwise, the tissue will bend and crumple.

  Step 6:
Open up the layers of your pennants and run your yarn through each one stringing them together. Make sure to leave enough yarn on each end of the garland so you can tie it up!

Step 7:
Staple the top edge of each pennant under the yarn making sure to get all the layers of paper in your staples.

  Step 8:
Take some tacky glue and coat a thin layer over the staples and across the pennants. Pour glitter over the glue area and let sit. Shake off all the glitter and it's ready to hang! After you hang your pennants, you have the option to add any charms or tassels to your garland to give it some added flair! I used these glitter keys my Nana got me to hang on the edges of the garland!
I hope you loved the tutorial. It's been so much fun using my vanity now that I look up and see some colorful tissue garland staring back at me! It just adds fun and style to my makeup area! Have a wonderful evening and weekend everyone!

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