Friday, May 11, 2012

Home Idea Dump

Dumping some ideas today! I accumulate more home decor idea swatches more than any other topic. Just sharing what's inspiring me this season as far as my apartment goes.
+art collage in thin, black frames
+Navajo-inspired design by Amber Lewis
+color pop from a tomato red tissue ball for the corner of my living room?
+pillows galore
+pinwheel style decor would be perfect for my apartment.
+I've always adored window seats.
+Exposed natural wood is an obsession of mine lately.
I want to have a whole week where I do nothing but decorate my apartment. My husband would argue that I do this every day, but you know what I mean. :) Well I'm off to do some blog planning, lunch, and tidy up the apartment! <3 E

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