Sunday, May 13, 2012

I love you, Mom!

Happy Sunday and Happy Mother's Day to all those wonderful women out there! I wanted to give a shout out to a few outstanding mothers in my life! Mainly, my mom, Shelley. She's been the greatest mom anyone could ever ask for and more.

Some of my favorite memories with Mom are:

 *walking around Indiana Beach with Anna in the stroller and she would buy us a Luigi's hot dog
*cooking various things when I was little
*the time we put gummi octopus in her mouth when she was sleeping
*the frequent trips to the orthopedic clinic when I was having hip surgery
*all the times we went to the pool with the Youngs
*going to Tri County after school each day to work on the musical set
*when Anna and I put on a pretend music concert and she came and took pictures. haha
*driving around in Lafayette while Anna was at Night School: goodwill, Steak & Shake, Jo-Ann's.
*Mom driving us to visit Dad at ACP
*"a apple"
*all the brilliant halloween costumes she made us
*field trips. especially the time she was the chaperone to the Children's Museum and she lost me. haha
*watching her sew the patches on our girl scout uniforms
*back to school shopping trips
*her coming in for the Cinco de Mayo celebration in Spanish class
*doing the craft kit club with her every month when I was little
*bringing home book orders and her letting me buy whatever books I wanted
*playing paper dolls with me when they worked at Clark & Moore
*trips to Florida involving "Armadillo Driving Music"
*taking stupid pictures in the Bass Pro Shop, especially with the badger
*spending an entire day and night organizing a new filing system for her house
*dressing up like Disney Princesses and having a photoshoot
*finding that TLR camera at the garage sale and her buying it for me
*all the support she's given me through my OCD diagnosis to now

 I love you so much, Mom! I hope you have a fantastic Mother's Day and that Anna & Dad are nice to you! ;)

 I also need to give a shout out to my fantastic Mother-in-Law, RenĂ©e!

Thanks for all the incredible love and support you've given me the past 5 years!

 I love you both!

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