Monday, April 13, 2009


yesterday was very fun. I wasn't able to be with my family for Easter b/c I had to work, which really bummed me out. But my boyfriend made it special for me by taking me out to dinner to Texas Roadhouse. I hadn't been there in forever. I love dates with him. I can't wait till we get married and i can be with him all the time. (the women in my family say that's when they get annoying. hahaha)

wellllll did a few art related things this weekend:
a new painting that i love. not sure where its going to go yet.

a new layout:

a new photoshoot:

you can see more here.

I'm really proud of myself for actually getting some art stuff DOWN. I feel like i haven't made anything worthwhile in a long time.

today i want:
*pancakes and hot cocoa
*boycotting all things boring and ugly
*engrossing myself in inspiration
*cleaning cleaning cleaning
*shopping on etsy
*taking a camera outside and photographing all the different umbrellas
*working on my design portfolio
*soft music
*standing on a balcony in the rain overlooking a twinkling city

flickr faves as of late:

go here for credits.

Favorites as of late:
*cotton candy (only 114 calories for a WHOLE BAG! ...that doesn't make it good for you
*American crafts Backyard paper series.
*cleaning. especially of the spring variety.
*colors=peach, mango, violet, aqua
*my Franklin Covey day book.
*neopolitan colors in outfits
*my friend kenton's photography.

I also want to publicly make the statement that I am no longer going to choose a favorite color. People always ask me what my favorite is and it changes all the time, so NO MORE. Just whatever my faves are at that moment. lol

k. well off i go to finish off this monday! rain rain rain...