Saturday, April 11, 2009


As usual, this week has been insane. “WHY is today a good day?” you might ask. Welllllll maybe because BEKAH MY LOVE is here!!!

You have NO idea how very excited I was for this to happen. We’ve gone to a concert, to see HANNAH MONTANA (phenomenal by the way), photoshoot this afternoon, creating, and MORE! We’re having a SPLENDID time. (more photos to come!)

As far as creating goes, I have been HIGHLY disappointing the last few weeks because I’ve been so busy. I honestly don’t know how people make so much TIME to do all this stuff! Haha

I can share with you some of the rough draft preliminary shots from my new photography series Project I Am Me. It’s a project about being yourself, loving yourself, and seeing people for who they really are!

The black and white photos are pictures of every person with no makeup, hair not fixed, white t-shirt, etc. Just a raw person with no outside influences. Vulnerable and natural. The second photos are of each person wearing what THEY feel describes them most. They COMPLETELY chose their outfit and what they put on their chalk slates. This project was basically done in reverse where the MODELS choose the wardrobe, individual concept, and poses.

I’m really really enjoying it and its morphed into SO much more than a photography project. It’s about studying people and the way they think. Promoting a healthy self-image and so on. I’m enjoying it SOOOO much.
Here are some pics from another shoot I've done recently:

I’ve been trying to teach myself to knit. Everything I do turns out looking like a fetus, but I’m getting there! I hope to have some CUUUUUTE knit bows in my etsy shop sometime in this millennium. Haha

Congratulations to Jeannie Lutz for winning our last Scrap Outside the Box challenge! Her page was AMAZING! There will be another awesome prompt up on the 15th of April, so PLENTY of time to gear up, and the winner will be getting some super super sweet! (Trust me, you want this!!!) (*hint hint* we haven’t really had that much participation lately, so I mean…in all reality—THE BETTER CHANCE YOU HAVE TO WIN!!!!)

Link love:
*THIS blew my mind completely. Thanks for the link, Auntie!
*this month’s Lucky Magazine has a TON of good tips about spring fashion.
*Top Model has been really good the past few weeks! I get a lot of inspiration from their photoshoots!
*photos by Kim *wonderful*

needless to say, I'm ready for real Spring. and even more, I'm ready for Summer. thank you very MUCH. :]


Amber Zimmerman said...

Your headband is adorable! That frappe looks pretty good too. ;-) Have you enjoyed the beautiful sunshine?? Finally!! Have a wonderful Easter.

Jeans said...

ahhh thanks so much chica!!

Heather said...

i'm so glad you took a photo with the headband! it suits you! your idea for the photo series is great. i love the two photos side by side. it's really honest and empowering. oh, and thanks for the html help! your always there :] :]