Thursday, April 16, 2009

good things are happening

in my life right now!
*my professional photography portfolio review with Eric Poppleton is happening in 45 minutes. I'm more nervous than I've been in a long time. I'll let you know how it goes! I'll also probs take pics of my portfolio too. Because its chic. <3
*Mom might have stumbled across a summer assistantship to a wedding photographer this summer. I would die and go to heaven, let me tell ya.
*Someone in ANderson opening a boutique saw some of my jewelry and wants to BUY some for her store! She's opening a gift boutique with products from local artists. <3

side note: my boyfriend just informed me that they're making an Eat, Pray, Love movie starring Julia Roberts! I'm excited but it CAN'T be as good as the book. No way.

New challenge up on Scrap Outside the Box! PLAY ALONG!
*awesome prize
*awesome inspiration
*awesome site.
and of story.
Here's my take on the challenge of envelopes:

*Please look at these preeeeetttttty fabrics! they made me die and go to cotton heaven. <3

*Free artsy font download here. It's from the lovely Katie Haddox!!! [AKA Katie Cupcake for those that know her in the scrapping world. lol]

*I neeeeeeed some dresses like this, stat:

*Check out my listography for all the things I love about Spring and Summer. Mmmm. it's finally warm here.

*GUESS WHAT ELSE!!! I recently won a spectacular giveaway from the one and only VIVIANNA from Polka Dot Robot!!! She's knitting me a bow headband that I'm SOOOO excited about, you have no idea. You should totes check out all her knitting, its amazing! She knits for RVA!

*Here are some recent pics I took of a good friend of mine and her boyfriend. [Mandy &Drew] <3 They're not SUPER creative, but they're totally cute together. :]

*I was featured on the Creating Keepsakes Blog yesterday for my win in the SIS Style Star Contest! Go Check it! I was totally flattered. *blushing*

Alrighty. Well I have to go get CRITIQUED! Wish me TONS of creative LUCK!


Jamie said...

Exciting stuff!!! Hope your meeting went well!
Verrryyy exciting about the Eat, Pray, Love news!!! I can't wait!!!

Amber Zimmerman said...

Hey girl! Hope everything went well! So cool about your jewelry in Anderson! I so wish we had a local artsy boutique here. Yay for warm weather FINALLY! So glad someone can relate to this crazy Indiana weather. ;-) Have a good one!

Bree said...

Okay I am like totally excited for you and all the fabulousness coming your way.. you soo deserve it.. you are the hippest, coolest chick i know and know you are soo going to be famous one day soon.....

Ok.. now I just have to say OH MY CRAP you spoiled me rotten.. I already made a matchbox mini, and have been crazy lovin the stuff you sent me....
I am starting a new Wall of FAME and I'm framing your little card and putting it smack dab in the centre.... when I get it up I'll send you a photo.

You are the bestest ever, I love you and totally adore you..

And I love reading your blog cuz it makes me feel like i'm hanging out with ya... oh ywah and those photos of your friends are to die for.. they are super creative, and gorgeous to boot.

Big hugs,,,

( I put a shout out to ya on the CS blog on Tuesday cause I posted my matchbox mini there)

ashleyrwatts said...

Wow! Congrats! I would love to see your portfolio...I always like looking at other people's lol.

I really want to join in on SOtB...I'm just still trying to figure out what exactly to do with my envelope! lol

Hope you having a great Friday!

Bekah said...

woo hoo! I want to know all about how your review went!!!! yay yay yay! I'm so glad you are getting all this recognition for your talent!!! so fun!!! :]

I've been salivating over those dresses too!!! Mmmmm...too bad I had to spend money on hotel would be fun to spend on pretty clothes....haha.

<3 B