Friday, April 3, 2009

thrills and frills*

ok seriously, I have SOOOO much joy to share today! I really can't believe what a huge art week this has been for me. :]]] Bare with me while I brag just a TEENSY bit. haha
First off, I got the "Stellar Snapshot" this week for SIS! This is a first for me. I think I've been on the Catwalk probably....7 or 8 times, THIS is a first!


THank you Creating Keepsakes! I owe it all to you! And a special shout out to Beth and Susan Opel because they're my publication cuties from that office! <3 you bothhhh!

Third, today my Easter Friends were featured on THE ETSY HANDPICKED ITEMS!!! This was unexpected too! Here's how I found out:
around...11 this morning over text:
Bekah: Oh and hey you know that your Easter Friends are being featured on the etsy homepage today right?


In the mail, I got some HAPPY MAIL today! you will not believe how CUTE these are seriously! Miss Heather sent me these adorable and incredibly brilliant headbands today! I love them both but I think the navy and mustard one is my favorite because its so retro and....perfect.

Her flowers are seriously fantastic! Get over to her blog and pester her to put them in her etsy shop!! haha

Soooooo aside from those awesome things, I've been Working My Soul this week. I finished the layout I started on Tuesday night and I'm really liking the way it turned out. I channeled my inner Henry Darger by drawing my own accents and "embellishments." His drawings are amazing and this was a lit of fun. I love trying new art things! I also got to use my new owl stamp that I got from my aunt as a Spring Break prize haha. Thanks Auntie!!!

It's getting closer and closer to my visit from this little cutie! She's coming a week from today all the way from Alabama and I can't WAIT! We have a LOT in store including Hannah Montana, a seriously INSPIRING photoshoot, creating, campus shtuff, maybe some Starbucks in there, etc. It's going to be brilliant and cute and lovely and I can't wait. :]]]

Annnnnnd speaking of Bekah, I'm taking a leaf out of her book and throwing in here some pics of my current fashion icon. haha Currently, Selena Gomez!!!

Love the way she dresses, seriously.

Also inspired today by:
*shiny bags
*the color peach
*felt rosebuds
*ballet flats
*hot air balloons

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*ALso, I'm thinking about renting out slots on my sidebar or advertising. Is anyone interested!? I haven't QUITE decided on a price yet, but it will be very affordable and my blog is high traffic! I'm seriously considering this, so PLEASE let me know! Thank you!

Have a wonderful day/weekend!


ashleyrwatts said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats! I actually saw your sistv shot in the email newsletter, lol. So cool!

And great layout, I love it! I'm really loving the stitching on the layouts here lately :)

Jamie said...

Happy days for you!!! Congrats! That's so great!

Beth and Susan said...

You totally deserve it, cute girl! I was so excited when you made the final cut! Keep seeking inspiration and living creatively!

shaina said...

HOLY COW!!! you're on a roll girl. congrats!
know that you're such an inspiration. wish i could come do a photo shoot with you too.

Mollie said...

You are rockin' it! I love it! You totally deserve all of it because you are so inspiring and artsy! :) Keep it up lady... :)


Heather said...

YAY! You deserve all the recognition!! I'm so glad you like the headbands! I couldn't decide on just one. And I'm glad you opened the package carefully, I forgot to warn you not to cut into it too much. That would have been a disaster. LOL. Enjoy your weekend!

Bekah said...

I'm so super glad your talent is being showcased. I have a wicked cool bestie that I have never met but officially have talked to on the phone now! ;]

MMMMM...I love the photos from your new gorgeous.

BTW, Selena Gomez's style is sooo super cute. I love the first pic with the head band! AMAZING! And I love her hair with the red streaks...It makes me miss my old hair...:[ oh, and it makes me want to grow my hair out even more.

I'm loving those headbands from Heather!!! Sooo pretty!!!

<3 B

Bekah said...

It was a super cute book!!! Add it to the long list of summer reading! ;] The movie's super cute too, but as always the book is better!

The countdown officially begins!!! haha! I blogged just for you! he he!

<3 B

Taylorr said...

WOW im sooo excited for you!
that must be really cool!
awesome job on that layout!
selena gomez is amazing, i love her style!
thanks for you sweet comment on my blog :)

Christina C. said...

yay! I loved that photo.
congrats also on the style star. Of course you won.. that was a great project.

sounds like you are having a great week. :D

TaMs* said...

wow wow. Congrats to you. you have been busy busy!

Elisa P. said...

I'm so happy for you! loving the last layout