Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a vision in turquoise*


Did a photo shoot this past Saturday with one of my dear dear friends Mandy Mae. Okay her name is just plain Mandy but doesn't Mae sound nice? haha She was a WONDERFUL person to work with and the photoshoot was a lot of fun. I got some shots that I really love too which is PERFECT. She's also modeling the new apron that IIIIIIII SEWED MYSELF! *so proud*

Whadda ya think? I'm doing another shoot tomorrow and then probably ANOTHER one on Friday.
I'm starting this new self-expression photo series that I'm really excited about. I think I'm going to rope Jessica and Bekah to help me out on it too. :] It's top super secret but I'm top super excited. haha

I got a new Day Book! love love love.

It was a LITTLE out of my price range, but the heart wants what it wants. haha Its a god-send I'm pretty sure. <3

Here's a sneak from my work in progress:

It's my take on the Work Your Soul latest challenge. I had a difficult time channeling this particular bit of inspiration, but its getting there. :] Plusssssss I'm using some of my new goodies from the Jelly Bean Joint etsy shop. THanks again, Mollie!

Been doing some random stuff here and there as always. School, work, gym, blah blah blah. My boyfriend took me out for this CUUUUUTE date last Thursday night (has it really been THAT long since I blogged?!). We went to a place called Scotty's Brewhouse near campus. I had BRILLIANT food and a few drinks and it was just so nice to walk there and back with him and then watch movies. Excellent as far as dates go. :] He's so sweet.

new Spring Styles book I made for the SIS Style Star Contest. I feel OK sharing this now that the contest is over and everything.

There's more pages on my flickr. I like.

Current faves:
*water with lemon
*Old Navy nightgowns
*contrast and vignettes
*Sunny D Strawberry and orange juice
*NYLNO magazine
*short haircuts
*Vera Wang
*Polyvore. naturally... lol
*carrots and ranch
*Paul Mitchell Super Skinny product
*HDR photography

Soon soon soon there will be another post! Anything you guys want me to blog about? I loooove suggestions! Please please please comment and let me know if there's anything you want to read about!


onecreativemama said...

Beautiful pictures and love the apron.

Mallory Phillipy said...

ahhh i just did a layout with that basic grey woodgrain! can't wait to see the finished product :]

NancyJones said...

awesome pics love the little mini album cant wait to see more.

life_love_art said...

Bring it on!!!! :D So excited.
And yes...
{Walks to and from Scotty's, accompanied by a great dinner and awesome movies=best date night ever. :0)}

Aimee said...

great pictures...the apron is rockin, girl!

ashleyrwatts said...

Loving the pictures and the apron!

Lol, my dad used to always call me Ashley 'Mae' (still does, sometimes). I always loved it, lol.

Can't wait to see all the neato projects you're coming up with!

Oh...and carrots + ranch = the bomb! :)

Hope you're having a great week!

Bree said...


have I told you how much I love you?
Cuz you are like one of my favorite people.. so wish we were closer so we could go for drinks...

okay and the apron.. how cute is that,,,

and those photos are totally rad!

And The mini.. okay im babbling Im aust very excited to get my package... I'll take photo on my new "Wall of Fame' for you!

PS the date photos made me hungry.. and you guys look so cute!


sylv said...

I don't know how I found your blog but, I'm glad I did! You have a GREAT blog that's full of variety! I absolutely adore that photo shoot!

TaMs* said...

nice little photo shoot girl! good pics.

Amber Zimmerman said...

Bookmarked your cute blog too! So excited to have a "neighbor" and a cool one too so close by. ;-) Hehehh. If ya ever come to the Fort. . .we should do a little crop. =)

Bekah said...

p.s. my middle name is kay, so i am bekah kay. :]

Mollie said...

Lovin' your photoshoot! Nice!

My name is Mollie Suzanne... But if my boyfriend and I get married my name will be Mollie Mayo... lol So thats close to Mollie May haha

By the way... I CAN'T WAIT to see what you do with the JBJ stuff! :)

Sharmaine said...

Hi there
just made my way over from Flickr, you had commented on one of my pages. I just wanted to say thanks and i am now on my way to link you up on my blog as I like your style ;)

McMGrad89 said...

I showed my daughter your style book. She so wants to do that. I used to the same at her age, we just didn't have FANCY books to keep them in. I always loved the JC Penney's catalog and magazines. (Actually I still do, but I am too busy)