Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Good Spring afternoon to you all!

I gotttt some AWESOME mail today! Mollie from the The Jelly Bean Joint sent me some delightful Happy Mail!!!!

Her dye cuts and journalings blocks that she designs are absolutely fabulous. I think I actually had these letters that she sent me favorited on etsy! haha Anyway, please please PLEASE go check out her shop because she is SOOO talented and so so sweet. :] ANd I think she was just featured not too long ago on the Everyday SCrapper site!

This mail was perfect because I was having kind of an off day. So I treated myself to some Starbucks and some fashion magazines and came home to MAIL! :]

ALthough...I'm feeling pretty cute today I must say thanks to Tori because she made me this ADORABLE bow that I'm obsessed with and I want MOOOOREEEE! haha Thanks to her, now I have to learn to knit because I want to mass produce these bows. haha

Speaking of bows, I found the CUTEST headbands last night while late-night browsing my Google Reader subscriptions. Heather apparently makes these PERFECT spring headbands that I am consequently obsessed with. :]

I love love love them. If you couldn't tell, fashion is getting the better of me lately. haha

Let's see....what have I been up to lately?
*I made this autumn mini with the mixed paper journal kit I won from Holly!

*I went thrifting!

this is a small part of what I found that day. i looooove the bows and the clutch!

*I made Ian's sister Riley's prom jewelry! Under-the-sea ness is my favorite inspiration. :]

*I've been snapping away with the Ole Nikon.

including pics of my cute spring outfits, or, "flirty skirts" as Ian calls them. haha

*Getting CUTE new Spring supplies via Hobby Lobby and my dear bestie, Bekah.

I really HAVE been making things, but they're for the Style Star SIS contest and they ask that we keep them only in the gallery for the contest. *sigh* haha I'll post them ASAP though.

You all need to go check these out:

*Challenge #3 at Scrap Outside the Box! I feel horrible that I STILL have not posted the prize pack. Life is so busy, but it will be something brilliant. :]
*Eclectic Eccentricity for some unmatchable jewelry finds.
*These Love Notes from Pretty Pixels. I'm TOTALLY into paper airplanes right now.
*This inspiring bedroom makeover.
*Craftcake Designs for some new Spring BOWS!
*This girl's blog for her awesome awesome and inspiring new self portrait series. It's really wonderful. It makes me want to do something similar.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST. Soonish I have to do my photography final project and I need PHOTO inspiration!!!! Send me links of awesome photography that you can't live without! Black and white, color, everything! I want to be soaked in inspo!

ta-ta girls!
<3 you all!!!


Jennifer said...

I got the bows you sent today. Love them! Thanks so much!!!

Vee said...

what an awesome day! I love your autumn mini!:)

hiredgoon said...

It just so happens that I have a blog called "Awesome Photography" which you can find here:

i'd love a life in cupcakes

Mollie said...

You are the coolest blogger ever... and not just because you totally shouted my Etsy shop out lol You always have such cute interesting things here.

And you have totally made my day... i just got those leopard print baggies to mail out the JBJ stuff in and I soooo secretly, totally wished that someone that ordered would take a pic! haha You read my mind! :)

Thanks for brightening my day, you lovely lady you!


Anonymous said...

wow i love them bows.. i need one too.. what have you done to me... i need new paper not headbands.. but they look so dang cute....

thanks for the love lately girl.. Thinking about ya!

Kara said...

eeeeek! i just love that mini. so cute.

hollysarah said...

oh, I loooove what you've done with the journal!! <3

ashleyrwatts said...

That bow is way too cute!

Oh I love thee! I wish somewhere around here would sell it off the stands (a local Kroger had it one time [which got me hooked!] - after that I never saw it again!)...I just can't make myself pay that much for a subscription. I may just have to! haha

Omgsh...I totally bought the same Elsie spring chipboard album! I went a little overboard - I bought two packs of the scrap paper, two chipboard albums, a set of stamps, and chipboard stickers. It was so sad haha.

And I definitely LOVE that autumn's inspired me to make one for Spring *so excited!*

Sorry for rambling, haha. Hope your week is fabulous!


Anonymous said...

haha. I totally should bring my hula hoop with me to Indiana. I'll teach ya! I'm only good with this particular hula hoop...the crappy ones we use at work...I don't keep them going nearly as long. ;]

<3 B