Monday, March 23, 2009

Buns of Cuteness

Today i want to take a break from art and crafting [GASSSSP!] and post about something equally important, which is FITNESS!!! I enjoy many types of fitness, myself including cardio, lifting, yoga, ballet, and fitness walking.

It's sooooo much fun and I am an avid exerciser. I know that a lot of women don't really take the time to do it because they're either
a)"too busy"
b)"have gym-phobia"
c)"can't physically handle it"
I'm here to tell you how easy and fun it can be if you work at your own pace, dress cute, and actually MAKE the time for exercise.

My personal routine generally includes the following:
1. stretching in
2. 1/2 hour-45 minutes on an elliptical machine
3. cool down from cardio
4. abdominal crunches
5. some sort of lifting
6. stretch out

this amounts to about....hour and 1/2 total each day that i go to the gym (normally Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, and SOMETIMES Fri). Now, I know for some people, especially adults, this might be hard to work in to a normal daily schedule, and that's understandable. Most gyms are only open until 8 or 9 PM and if you have kids to pick up and dinner to cook, this could definitely be a stretch. BUT there are easy ways to fit exercise into your routine at home too.

I recommend this book. It's called Perfect body Boot Camp and I can recommend it because I own it myself! there are tons of tips and tricks to workout in your own home, or outside your home.

Inside the book, there are also sample fitness plans and exercise logs as well. You can make photo copies and hang them on your cute little fridge! I feel like this book is like having your own little personal trainer. lol

Don't let gyms intimidate you, let them MOTIVATE you! I loooove going to the gym because i feel like I'm a part of a community. A community of people that love their bodies! I like to be in a crowded gym because i get some stimulation and motivation from the people around me.

Another important thing about fitness is finding the right work out gear.
The list of things I use for exercise include:
1. breathable clothing

2. an iPod and iPod arm strap

3. a big ole cute water bottle
4. a pedometer
5. my inhaler [haha]
6. and a magazine.

You can work out in whatever you like, but the key is that you can actually MOVE. I really think that clothes MADE for exercise are best because they are ultra-light, easy to move in, and comfortable. They don't have to be frumpy. There are some CUTE fitness clothes these days! I know Nike has TONS of bright clothes and bras for women. The more affordable route (for us college girls) is to go to Wal-Mart and pick up some $8.00 articles from Danskin. I myself have some of these haha.

Work it Out
Work it Out - by keread on

If you feel like you can't physically sweat the strenuous cardio workout, you could try yoga! Yoga is one of my FAVORITE forms of exercise. It's calming, centering, but its still a seriously awesome workout. You feel refreshed when you're done.
My yoga accessories include:
1. mat

2. this book

3. soothing sounds
4. this mini kit that comes with pose cards

5. and my yoga log.

So no more making excuses, girls! try something new! make time for yourself! Get out there, turn on some Lady Gaga and work it out!


TaMs* said...

oohhh.. you've inspired me to buy some new workout clothes. :)

Heather said...

hey! congrats on making catwalk this week! i love the cover of that journal. super cute.

sooooo, darling, send me your address ( and i'll send you a headband. just cause :] let me know what colors you'd like and either flowers or a bow!!