Saturday, February 7, 2009


Why is it that i feel like i never have a witty way to begin or end a blog post? haha

Did a TAD bit of crafting last night and today. Not much but a little.
Some new felt appliqued bookmarks for the etsy shop. These have been a little brainchild of mine for awhile now and I'm very proud of them. :] i like them because i can make a design for pretty much any theme.

There's going to be more things posted in the etsy probably tomorrow night.

I also have some super secret things in the mix. Some secret layouts and projects and a very VERY top secret ideas. How cruel am i to just TELL you that i have these ideas and dangle in front of you and not tell you. hahaha

Plussss cute new headband i made Thursday night on a whim.

Here are some things that have been inspiring me lately:

>Kitschy Digitals have come out with some of THE cutest stuff lately. What with their new feather downloads, freebies for Valentine's Day, and awesome reader layouts, they are totally rockin my socks.

>Lyndie Dourthe's lovely designs. Mmmm.

>Elsie Blaha's potato stamping. It's oh-so youthful and fun. Remember doing that when you were a kid? Well it's totally artsy again. :]

>Her daughter's room makeover on Creature Comforts blog. Oh. oh oh. i love it. I want it.

>The Cherry Blossom Girl. *sigh* so pretty.

well i think that's good for a day. I DID have some sketch journal pages to post, but i forgot to take photos of them. enjoy the rest of your weekend all! Comment with some fun questions for me to answer this week maybe! I need some good blog content! <3

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