Monday, February 9, 2009

hoy en dia.

its monday. i used to hate mondays. but now i realize that they're just another chance to start again. Whoever DOESN'T take that chance is crazy.

today's been quiet and subdued. mostly jsut me paddling around getting a few things done here and there. after this post I'm off to write a 300-word paper for Fairy Tales class and i have NO idea what i want to write it over. haha

then i have my Orientation Tea for the second round of interviews. I'm a little nervous about that, but you know...

went out to shoot some today. i felt like it was warm enough out for me to get something decent without losing feeling in my shutter finger. It's overcast, so not the BEST time to shoot if you want fun colors, but i still got some fun stuff. I've been in a vignette-y, contrast-y, saturation-y mood as of late.

check out my photostream to see more overcast February morning goodness. :]

also re-did the blog layout as you can tell. Loving it so much. I updated all of my backgrounds on my Listography, Livejournal, Twitter, and my desktop too. it just makes me happy to open all my pages and see new patterns and inspiration. :] photos to come later of my new desktop and a sreen cap of my new February playlist on iTunes. It's a good one.

off to finish out this work shift and cross some mmore things off the ever-growing ever-changing list of events.


aninspiredpeace said...

I just got my jellyfish sketch in the mail! It's SO cute! :)

Thanks for picking me!

P.S. Are you taking Elsie and Rachel's class?

Nancy said...

HEY! I just read your note on your Etsy ... you're in the hospital??? I'll add you to my prayers - hope you'll be out soon!