Thursday, February 5, 2009


I made this little bundle of magic for the new TAIF challenge. It was all about our wishes this time. I feel that I did the cop-op thing by making it whimsy and magical and pastel, but it was what I was feeling. :] This is really different from any project I've done in awhile. :]

Lots of paints and gesso and glitter. :] I'm so inspired by under the i thought i would use that as inspiration. :]

Annnnnnnd PLUS! we have a WINNER of the Jelly Baby sketch giveaway! And the winner is....


Carrie, just email me at keread [at] to confirm the spelling of your name and give me your address and all that jazz. :] congrats!

I also got a pretty good idea of what you guys like reading! Good to know. Thank you. :] if you think of anything more, feel free to speak up! I'm open to suggestions. I love questions too! If you have any random questions for me, I'd like to hear those TOO! I <3 you guys.

lastly, I found these 2 things really inspiring. :] Find it here.

have an inspired and lovely pants day. <3


Kara said...

lovely pants is right...

love your taif project. so great.

aaczuba said...

I now can comment because I have one too! :) It's obviously new and I'm still learning how to make it snazzy, but I thought I'd let you know! :D