Saturday, November 22, 2008

Almost Holidays.

It's almost Thanksgiving, people! Are we excited yet?! I know I am, for sure. I'm getting all geared up. We're actually packing up and heading down to Florida and Alabama for Thanksgiving to visit family and go to the beach. So for anyone living around those areas, HOLLER!

[Went thrifting and Hobby Lobbying today. I'll have things to share about these experiences tomorrow hopefully. I found a few fun things!]

For The Art is Found this time around, I decided to go the photo route because I thought it was the less literal and more challenging way to go. The Challenge this time is TEXTURE! I took this photo of a kiosk on campus that I thought looked awesome. So this is my entry for texture and I really like it.

I've had a revelation this week involving Flickr. I've had a flickr account for awhile now, but i JUST started using it this past week and realized how amazing it is! Oh man I have REALLY been missing out! I loved it SO much that I updated to a PRO ACCOUNT on Thursday! haha. Love it. Well my username on Flickr is ke_cupcake , so everyone should check me out and leave a link to YOUR Flickr!

Wellll haven't made a whole lot lately. Just some stuff for Elsie's class.
For one of our more recent projects, we made Teddy Kids! These were inspired by the lost boys from Peter Pan and I'll tell you: every one of these bears in the class are different which is so great! Everyone's just using their own creative skill and ideas and its just fantastic to gain more inspiration from others. :]

(felt, thread, embroidery floss, printed broadcloth fabric, can fabric, Sharpie bold tip, acrylic paint)

Another thing I've been puttering around on is my December Daily inspired by Ali Edwards. I'm hoping that I can actually hold on and do this every day. haha. I'm nervous that I'll get distracted over Break but we shall see.

(clear front cover and back cover, silver book rings, Chipboard snowflake, stickles in Diamond, Paper Studio paper, random paper scraps, Remarks letters by American Crafts, Doodlebug Inc. letters, Jo-Ann's metal flower stickers, Stayz-On Black ink, Clear stamp by Autumn Leaves, acrylic paint, Sharpie fine tip)

Another exciting thing that has happened lately is that I won a drawing on the lovely Holly Neufeld's blog! I was MORE than thrilled to be winning one of her sooooooo amazing Woodland Eco Art Journals! You can also buy them here at her Etsy shop, "You're Fancy!"

I can't wait to get this in the mail. She already shipped it out so I'm assuming probably this weekend!!! Eeek! I'm going to be sure to post photos and get started on it RIGHT away! Oh I'm so excited!

I also got my letterpressed lovely from Elise Blaha in the mail last week. I ordered it from HER etsy shop and it's so simple, but magnificent. I can't decide if I want to display it all the time like I am now, or put it in my December Daily. Hmmmm

Speaking of etsy shops, my etsy Craftcake Designs hasn't had a real update in awhile, but it's still there! I'm working on a few more updates before the holidays including a SUPER great, one of a kind gift set including the Children's book Olive, the Other Reindeer! How cute! Children's books are seriously AWESOME to look at for art inspiring ideas because the colors are so vibrant and the shapes just *pop* and its amazing.

Another thought about the shop is that since I'm going on vacation for Thanksgiving, I won't be shipping any orders until Monday December 1 when I get back from the south. The shop will remain open, but the orders just won't ship until that next Monday or Tuesday. I will put up a shop announcement too.

One thing I've really been into lately is FRUIT STICKERS! I hope TAIF does a challenge about them sometime. I think they're so colorful and really really cool! I found this on flickr yesterday and thought it was JUST what I needed! haha

In addition to all of this fabulosity, I got tagged by the ever fabulous Susan Opel in this awesome fact-sharing game of tag going around the crafting world!

Alright so here goes nothin:

1. I've recently become obsessed with scarves. I've bought 3 in the past month and my roommate is currently knitting me a buttercream yellow one. Mmmm.

2. Tonight my friend dared me to eat an ENTIRE spoonful of just ketchup at dinner... and i did it. willingly. I really really love Ketchup.

3. I really dig nerds. I find them to be smarter, more interesting, kind, not egotistical, and genuine.

4. I've had the strangest urge to just make a HUGE mess lately. Like just take all the ribbons off the spools, and have a litter of paper scraps on the floor. Mmmmm. Creative Clutter.

5. I've kept a journal since the very first day of my Freshman year of High School. It used to be every single day. Sometimes 5 times a day. But when I got to got harder. I traded journaling for blogging. *similar?*

6. I have a tattoo that says "create" written in script on the inside of my left wrist and i LOVE it. I had a period of time called my "What was i THINKING" period, but now i just look at it and it reminds me why I was put on this earth: to nurture and to create.

So there's my 6 facts. They may not be highly interesting, but it's what I could think of right now. I like Spontaneity. :]
Ok now HERE are the 6 lovely ladies that I TAGGED!!!
enjoy ladies! I love ya! WooO!

Here's a list of ALL the things I need to accomplish by Sunday night:
*kill the laundry monster. Easier said than done.
*take out trash
*research project for Bio
*blog again hopefully
*start packing for vacation
*get a hold of a ride home
*package up some etsy items

i WAS going to talk about some recent fave artists, but i think I"ll have to leave it for another night because I am SOOO tired. *sigh* but tomorrow is going to be hot chocolate, crafting, getting things done, and even more.

To leave off, ask me a question! ANYTHING! I'm feeling not as inspired for blog topics lately and I'd love to hear if you have anything specific to ask me. Just about life, about crafting, about tips and ideas, about etsy, about what flavor of gum i chew, about ANYTHING! If you can't think of a question, just post something about your holiday projects and gifts you're working on! Leave a link, share a project, anything you want to share!

I guess that means that's it for me tonight. Happy Almost Holidays ladies! :]


Mollie said...

yay! I love being tagged :) If anything it gives me a good reason to blog update haha

Anyways... loving the Elsie stuff you've created so far! I love all of your creations, of course, but the 'lost boys' inspiration was really awesome.

I love reading your blog! You are inspiring! :) You make me want to do all sorts of creative things! haha

Bekah said...

Sweet. I will totally do this! :]

<3 B

lauren said...

holy moly you get SO MUCH DONE!!! *how* do ya DO THAT??!? (i have to keep reminding myself that you're in school too! yikes!)

i am LOVING all of your projects...but that TEDDY KID doll!!! omg--i think you need to ad "dollmaker" to your list of talents b/c that is JUST BEYOND FABULOUS!!!

oh yeah--and do you mind if i give you one teensy piece of advice? it's just this: you had best take that AMAZING december journal with you to alabama...b/c if i knew it was sitting alone somewhere...i really do not think i'd be able to resist the urge to...ummmmm..."liberate" it...if you know what i mean... :)

Jamie said...

I'm in Elsie's class with you and came across you through Holly's blog. Congrats on winning the journal! That's awesome!

Just wanted to say that I LOVE your December Daily album! That is beautiful! You're very inspiring! :)

P.S. Love your felt teddy kid! So cute!

Bekah said...

Yay! I posted mine!

Bekah said...

Hey girl. I love your six little facts. I love how those six things give a better picture of who a person is. :]

I have to come up with a good question...

Let's see...Well, if you could have any super power, what would it be? :]

Mollie said...

ah! I can't comment on your video blog post! lol I dont know why, but I'm going to comment on this post instead... I feel so loved right now! I came here to grab the *tagged* thing and I was like, sweet! Video blog! Then you said what uuup... TO ME! ha Yay! I want to do my video blog now too! Maybe tonight... we'll see! ah! YOU are a doll! :)