Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DIY: Tissue Confetti Ornaments

Oh how I love all the magnificent things you can do with tissue paper! These ornaments practically came to me in a dream after I saw some delicious ones from West Elm. Afterward, I couldn't get them out of my head! So here I am with a tutorial so you can make your own tissue confetti ornaments!
1. Glitter paper
2. colored tissue paper
3. double-sided tape or glue stick
4. raw kraft ornaments
5. scissors
6. Sharpie or pen

Step 1:
Cut a bunch of 1 inch strips of tissue paper of each color to use for your fringe. Trim the length of each strip down to be slightly longer than the width of your ornament.

Step 2:
Fold a strip in half length-wise and start snipping to create fringe.

Step 3:
Start at the bottom of your ornament and work upward. Tape or glue across the area to stick your first strip. (Full disclosure: I found that glue stick works best for this step because it's quicker, cheaper, stickier, and much stickier!)

Place your fringed strip across the adhesive area with a slight overhang on each side.

Step 4:
Slightly above the first strip, tape or glue again. Adhere another color of tissue to overlap the previous.

Repeat steps 3-4 until your entire ornament is covered.

Step 5:
Use your scissors to trim the excess tissue around the perimeter of your ornament.

Step 6:
Use glitter paper to create a monogram. Map out the letter on the backside using a marker and then cut them out.

Step 7:
Adhere your monogram to the center of your ornament using tape or glue.

You can use these ornaments all year round and for so many different things! Hang them on your Christmas tree, a doorknob, bedpost, or make a big one for your front door!
Also, you can always use tacky glue and loose glitter if you don't have access to glitter paper. It requires more steps, but the effect is the same!
I love the way these look. They're very on trend and there are so many different color combinations I'd love to try out!

Have fun with this and go crazy! These holiday ornaments sparkle and shine enough to make the season bright!


janel. said...

OMG!! Where did you get your glitter paper and your tissue paper. These are perfect!! I want to make one for Amelia!

Elaine said...

@janel I got the tissue papers AND the glitter paper at Hobby Lobby! The tissue in the party department and the glitter paper in the aisle with the feathers and felt! You should totally make one for A! I want to see a pic!