Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DIY: Ceramic Plate Wall Art

Here's another little idea for an inexpensive, DIY gift that you can make for someone special. There are SO many things you can do with this project which is what makes it so much fun! It's one of those quick projects where you can just dump out everything in your craft arsenal and make it work! (Thank you Tim Gunn)

1. ceramic plate (you can find these at any craft or hobby store)
2. rub-ons or clear back stickers
3. ribbon
4. scissors
5. popsicle stick or bone folder
6. measuring tape
7. plastic gems

Step 1:
Measure the diameter of the flat portion of your plate to determine your useable area.

Step 2:
Choose your favorite rub-ons to use and peel the backing off. Hold it up to your plate to get an idea of how your design will look.

Step 3:
Cut out your design to cut down the excess material, then use your popsicle stick to firmly rub over the design to adhere it to the face of your plate. Carefully peel back the plastic.
Step 4:
Use ribbon to trim your plate or use as a hanger. I also decided to add some gems to mine to make it look like the dandelion is being blown away!
Misc Tips:
*Non-cardstock stickers work best like the flexible ones with clear backings.
*Get creative and decorate your plate with washi tape! It's cheap and repositionable!
*If you don't want to hang your plate on a wall, you can lay it on your dressing table and use it as a trinket dish for earrings!

I hope you liked this tutorial! When I hung mine up in our hallway, I got more than the obligatory "Good job, babe!" from Ian, so that's saying something!

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