Friday, June 22, 2012


Care to see some Insta-love from the last few weeks? Here's what I've been up to on-the-go lately:

 Mine & Tori's drinks on the party cruise we went on.

Me & Tor getting ready to get on the boat.

Out for an evening jog in my new running shoes!

Phoebe's typical horizontal position in the afternoons.

Ice Cream date with Ian. Crossed something off my Things to do with Ian list! 

The umbrellas at Dairy Maid were SO pretty!

Nothing like a natural sun flare!

Organizing the vintage office and prepping for the Red Door Pop-Up Shop.

Happy Meal break during a "work-from-home" day.

Photobooth fun at a wedding we attended!

Acid green nails: a new one for me.

Running out of room on all our bookshelves. Always a good problem to have.

Sleepy helper while I edit.

Pretties at Target. Too much temptation. lol

If anyone ever wants to follow me on Instagram, my username is keread! I love getting lost in my feed, finding pretty things, and taking a peek into another's life! Photography is my passion even on the go! 


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