Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 6: Travel Journal

Before I left for vacation, I had some time to throw together a little travel journal for the trip.
I wanted to make a mixed paper journal, but there wasn't time. So! I'm a crafter by golly! was able to snag a good-sized spiral bound sketchbook and I went to work on the cover! Covered it in some of my favorite paper, reinforced it with chipboard, and painted it! I didn't bring hardly ANY craft supplies on the trip, so I'm really just using found paper and a few key supplies to create the journal. The key items are glue stick, colored pencils, Thickers, washi tape, Project life journaling cards, & the Travel Smash Pad.
After the trip I'm going to make a real scrapbook, but this was a nice art project while on the trip. Also, I think I'm going to continue it as an... event journal? I'm not exactly sure yet but we shall see! Happy to share peeks into my journal and I'll be posting some inspiration images for making your OWN travel journal soon! <3 E


Miss Henderson said...

Wow!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! #Adorable! You are so talented - I really want one !! Love your blog xx

Anonymous said...

Adorable! :)

Invitation To Inspiration said...

this is such a great idea!!! love it!!! :-))) I have to try it...!!!