Monday, May 7, 2012

Inspiration for the Traveler

Short & sweet today! As promised, here's some scrappy inspiration if you're planning to create your own travel journal or just a mixed-paper-journal-smash-book-thing-to-keep-your-STUFF book. Enjoy!
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Hope you're nice & inspired! <3 E


Charlie said...

Thank you I have a whole bin of stuff from our travels and I now know what to do with it! I really like the last one.

Stela said...

these are all so cute! I wish I traveled more!

stephanie thy. said...

I can't wait to go travelling and have a journal with all my collections like this!

Elaine said...

@stephanis thy It's incredible to just document everything! You should just make a journal about your hometown-- that would be an incredible keepsake!