Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 5: Beach House

Hello friends! I wish there was a special native way to say Hello in Florida, but to my knowledge there is not! (Readers: please let me know if there is) But I'm here to share some snaps from around the beach house today!
Here's our beloved beach house rental on Manasota Key. The water's edge is about 20 yards from our back porch. Pretty rad.
This is the view from our back porch too. Paradise-like.
Love the boy <3
Here's our screened-in pool and jacuzzi. Praise the heavens for this pool.
Few random detail snaps from around the house.
Here's a little tortoise friend I found under the porch the first day at the house! Ian named him Reginald and he is near and dear to my heart!
And of course some sunset action. *required* ;) Hope everyone's week has been just as sunny as mine has! Going to be savoring the last 2 days at the beach house! <3 E

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miss teacups. said...

Wow...these photos are gorgeous. It looks like absolute heaven!