Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Cat that Thinks She's a Dog

She's my favorite little fur baby: my cat Phoebe. I wanted to share a few funny things about her.

1. Ever since we got her, I've done what I call the "Lion King" where I grab her in one hand and hold her all the way over my head. She's always so passive when I do it and she just sits up there and looks around. I just image her saying "Man I can see everything from up here..."

2. She's always done this double meow thing where instead of just meowing once, she'll do 2 right in a row really fast. She does it a lot of times when she wants to say "Hey! Don't leave me out!" It's her attention meow. If Ian and I are cuddling on the couch, and we don't include her, she gets upset. We can't even TOUCH without her wanting in on it.

3. Phoebe won't TOUCH treats. I've tried so many types of cat treats for her and she won't have any of them. I've even tried to force her to eat one just to see if she TASTED it, maybe she would like it, but no. She WILL NOT do it. And if I mix them in with her food, she will pick them out and leave them in the bowl.

4. We'll buy her toys and she'd rather play with a milk ring, plastic bag, or crumpled up paper ball. We don't even waste our money any more. lol

5. When I'm in the shower, she'll climb between the shower curtain and the liner and I'll be able to see her silhouette. haha Then she'll lay on the bath mat outside the tub and keep me company until I get out.

6. She wakes us up at 6:30 AM EVERY DAY like clockwork. She's much like a baby. Ian and I will lay in bed sleepily arguing about who has to get up and feed her.

7. She LOVES Pop Rocks! We put a tiny dab on her tongue one time and she loved the popping sound and kept trying to eat the air. haha Any time we open a pack, she comes running for a taste.

8. Phoebs will oftentimes sleep upside-down like such:

9. We have lots of silly little names for her: Phoebs ("Feebs"), Phoebers ("Feebers"), Pretty Girl, Wittle Baby, Fur Baby, Kitty, etc etc.

10. She plays FETCH! I don't know HOW I taught her to do this, but I realized one day that I was playing fetch with her! I taught her to bring the paper ball back and drop it at my feet. Here's a funny video I made:

no one ever believed me because she won't do it with a lot of people around, so I filmed it and now there's proof. hahaha

She's the sweetest, but most WILD little kitty ever and I'm so glad that we chose her! She's my little fur baby and I love her so much. :) Do you have any fur babies in your life?


nova said...

A CAT WHO LOVES POP ROCKS? I love your cat.

larissa said...

i have a tortoise shell cat as well. they're so gorg! does she like catnip? every time i open the cabinet where we keep it, and garbage bags, and her food, and dog food, and random other junk, she FREAKS out. like she's going to get catnip 300 times a day. she's adorable, i especially love that sleeping picture!

pRiNcEsS aNnA said...

She is the funnest cat I have ever played with!! ha ha. *hugs*
Love you!!