Monday, July 4, 2011

Craftcake Design Re-Brand

I've been meaning to write this post for so long, but I was waiting to get my etsy update under way. Since I've been so busy and the update just isn't happening for me right now, I thought I could still rave about my new commissioned re-brand for the shop by Alexandra Rae Design.

Allie Bandy (soon-to-be Allie Trumpower) is owner and operator of Alexandra Rae Design. and Yellow Paper Friday, an awesome personal design business, and there couldn't be a more spirited person behind the genius!

I knew I wanted a complete re-brand which involves SO much change, designing, and WORK. I just didn't have the time and I wanted it done right away, so I opted for the Alexandra Rae Design re-brand package. I contacted Allie, we discussed design, theme, palette, and feel. She ended up emailing me proofs and rough drafts and I loved everything she sent!

I told Allie I wanted something pretty, simple, and earthy, involving a feather design. I gave a few color palette visions I had in mind and she really delivered! The package I chose included a custom logo, etsy banner, avatar image, side bar button, and a multi purpose image to use for packaging, labels, etc. Overall, the design package included everything I needed to re-brand and all I had to do was upload! Her designs are fresh and personal, and her design packages are so AFFORDABLE!!!

Check out her blog and shop to contact her about a blog design or re-brand!


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Alexandra Rae said...

Thanks babe! <3 <3 You are so amazing :-) I'm glad you like your "new" shop!