Thursday, June 30, 2011

Announcing Paper Popsicles Online Class!

I'm here FINALLY releasing my newest magical online class, Paper Popsicles! This art journal class is a spin-off of Ink Blots with more of what YOU want to see! Paper Popsicles will be choc-full of pretty drawing prompts but also combined with art journaling topics, ideas, and projects. Summer is the perfect time to celebrate our art in a free form that we can look back on for ages! Also, Paper Popsicles strikes a nice balance between 2 fantastic mediums of portable art: sketching and art journaling!

This class is a BIT more expensive than my last, but the projects presented are more intensive and there is a wider range of mediums used! I am excited to be able to teach different lessons using sketching AND paper projects! Drawing inspiration from our current season, I know that this summer class will be the perfect time to meet new online friends and make pretty projects! It will be a deliciously creative way to spend our summertime!

Forms of payment accepted: Paypal! Please use button below to purchase your spot in the Paper Popsicles online class! Please make sure you enter the correct e-mail when you check out with PayPal (purchase with the "Buy Now" button below) because you will be given access to the private blog through an email.

Can't wait to meet new people and have a magical time with this class!


Jamie said...

That is the cutest picture of you!!! Love it! What a great class!!! I may have to get back into creating and join in!!! :)

Teddi said...

elaine, ink blots was super! but paper popsicles is so much more $ though, ugh. i need more details.

Journal Junkie said...

what supplies would you suggest for this class as far as pens, markers, thickness of paper in our journal books, size of journal book along w/any other mediums we may use, washi tape, water pencils/water paint, acrylic paint, magazines etc..

can't wait..!! so super excited

Sandy said...

Will Paper Popsicles be totally different than Ink Blots reguarding the prompts? I'm looking for something exciting and new.

mandy said...

can't wait :)