Thursday, July 7, 2011

Class Q and A

Many of you have been craving more details of the super sweet Paper Popsicles class coming up. Well I'm here to answer some questions, divulge some details, and put rumors to rest.

Q: Why is the price so much higher for the new class than Ink Blots?

A: Ink Blots was my first class and I didn't really know what I was doing. I am now more equipped on how to host and conduct an online class! This means that it's going to run more smoothly. Also, Paper Popsicles is more intensive than Ink Blots including MORE assignments, challenges, and prompts. There is also new mediums thrown into the mix which make it fresh, exciting, and inspiring, but also more time consuming.

an art journal page peek from the class

Q: Will the prompts be different than those seen in Ink Blots?

A: OF COURSE! I wouldn't charge you twice for the same prompts! All prompts and topics discussed in Paper Popsicles will be completely new. The class setup will be similar (ie: lessons and assignments each day, etc.) but the ideas presented are all new.

Q: What makes Paper Popsicles different than other art journal classes I've taken?

A: First of all, most classes have 1 post per day whereas my classes have 2: a lesson post and an assignment post. Your assignment post might even include extra prompts some days. Also, I offer free downloads and giveaways throughout the 3 weeks. And lastly, since I'm not as big of a name in the blogging world, I have more time and smaller class sizes that contribute to better and more frequent communication!

Q: How long will I have access to the class blog?

A: At least one year. I will leave the private blog up so that you can work at your own pace!

an art journal page peek from the class

Here are a few things you can expect from Paper Popsicles:
*Yummy craft project tutorials including a summer guest book for visitors, and a pretty prompt jar.
*Delicious video DIYs and tutorials
*A bi-weekly "Flavor Challenge" where you create art inspired by different frozen treats! Eeek! (one of my favorite features!)
*Sugary sweet posts by guest artists each week.
*Chances to meet new blogger friends and constantly being inspired.

Also, here's what a few of my Ink Blots students said at the conclusion of my last class:

"The class was awesome! Thanks so much for your time and talent!! The assignments were challenging and the lessons were packed with information! You did an awesome job!! The giveaways, clutch tutorial and the guest artists were unexpected bonuses!"

"I absolutely loved this class! thank you so much. it was super fun, & worth every single penny."

"This was a class that I not only enjoyed doing, [but] I learned some different techniques from the other journalists who posted their work in Flickr. I also enjoyed your new and different prompts that I haven't had in previous classes. I did alot of drawing where I haven't done before. I really enjoy drawing now than ever."

"I was totally impressed with this class. it surpassed my expectations! I liked how there were so many options on the prompts. how you gave examples, but also suggestions, mini lesson topic ideas, inspirations, etc. I felt creative freedom to express my ideas without the pressure of do it this way, or it's not right. i didn't feel like i was simply taking a class all by myself with just assignments & a computer. it felt like we were all on this journey together."

Overall, I'm running this class because YOU asked for it! I've gotten TONS of comments and emails asking when I would host another class and Paper Popsicles is for all those bloggers and artists! To that end, if I don't have a certain number of students enrolled by July 15, the class start date will be postponed to August 1. I want to have a "classroom community" so that each student gets the most out of the class and doesn't feel alone out there.

If you have any other questions about the class, please direct those to kelainedavis [at] gmail [dot] com and I would be happy to answer them!


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Sandy said...

Thanks Elaine! It sounds great. I'm in. I admit with my head down that I got real behind and am just now working on my Ink Blots prompts but I did 7 pages last night and they were so much fun. I'll have to post them in the group soon. I look forward to the class starting.