Thursday, July 7, 2011

project x-plosion

I just want to show you all that this is what has become of my life lately:

explosions of craft, project, and scrap remnants on top of to-do lists. So if I haven't been posting much in the past week, that would be why. I made the post-it wall that you see because I need to PHYSICALLY SEE my to-do list shrinking as I complete things. When I get something done, I pull the note off the wall and I can see the grid disintegrating. I have a lot to do even before the weekend, so today is my "GET-IT-DONE-OR-ELSE" day before I work at 5:00.

Things to complete before work today:

*a few layout samples for the class
*edit AT LEAST 15 pics for photo client wedding
*return messages to other photo clients
*start packing for weekend trip home
*posts on each blog
*take out trash and boxes
*tidy up bedroom
*stick camera on charger
*put away all folded clothes on bed

So for my next trick, I will attempt to make this list disappear!


Manda Jane said...

i LOVE the idea of a post it wall! I'm a list maker myself and like to visually see things complete! I may try this!

larissa said...

I love that idea! Actually seeing how massive your list is and then having the satisfaction of peeling that sticker off the wall would make me so much more motivated! Great idea. Plus it's pretty. =]