Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sweet Tomato Paint

My day started out like this:

and concluded like this:

I decided that I didn't like my old setup of my weenie little inspiration wire and needed something meatier for summer inspiration. Something strong, bold, and...well... inspiring! I've been snipping things from magazines and pinning things on pinterest like a mad woman and it was out of control!

The new board gives me much more room to spread out and create mood boards and cute collages for guests to see when they come in the door.

Basically I went to Hobby Lobby and bought one of their 36"x25" cork boards without a frame (used a coupon on it too! Score!) and spray painted it a color called "Sweet Tomato" to match this quilt (horrible picture I know). Then I pulled out my little pink hot glue gun and covered the edges with coordinating ribbon wrapping it around the sides. That's literally it.

This entire project cost me $20. I consider that a creative success.


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Carrie Rosalind said...

Super cute - I love it!