Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Magic of Projectland

So despite being so busy and being absent from this blog in the past few days, I've at LEAST been able to get around to some miscellaneous projects lately which i LOVE. <3

revamping my old ballet shoes from when I was a dancer. I thought they needed a studded edge to them.

hand embossing my wedding invitation envelopes. Whew.

Making cute fall crafts for my etsy update coming this weekend.

Drawing up a storm in my moleskine.

Learning to knit some way cute slouchy hats for the fall!

Packaging up orders from Red Door Vintage

So many pretty things happening that I can hardly contain myself. I never want to go to school or work because I just can't concentrate! Too many pretty falltime things in my mind to be made and not enough hours in a day. All I want is to lock myself up in my own imaginary studio for like... 3 days and just create everything in my mind right now. It would be incredible. Fall is SUCH a magical time for me. :)

I declared this past Saturday the first official day of my personal fall. The leaves are falling, the weather is changing and Starbucks has all it's falltime drinks out, so to me it means autumn. :) Magics.

Loves to all.


amy lapi said...

yessss. yes yes. yes.

to everything you wrote.
i can't wait to see your fall update! cutie beanie... i want one :)

Alexandra Rae said...

Ohhhh I can't wait for your update!!!

I think I'm just going to give your shop listing to Ben, and say, "Birthday, please! :-)" Haha.

Missing you!!

carly. said...

what an inspiritng post! i have seen studded ballet flats like that before and ever since i have been on the search for a pair. they always seem to be either too expensive or not my size...and i don't think the ones i used from the last time i did ballet would fit (i was about 7, hehe) i love that slouchy toque that you made and the colour of it, so cute! i am getting so so so stoked on fall! it's coming! it's coming :) i can't wait to see your wedding invitations when they are done annnnd your journal; i LOVE when you post photos of your journal drawings. your style is so great. i wish i could write/draw cute things as good as you can!

anyway m'dear...i hope you have a lovely day and i hope red door vintage is doing well :)

The Daily Fashionista said...

hehe...I promised myself I won't be drinking any Fall themed drinks until it's at least 55 degrees where I live...which probably won't be until November:( Oh well! Good luck with the wedding invites! I made my own too and it was daunting but I was pleased with how everything came together.