Tuesday, September 7, 2010

High-Low Fashion

I read this article on College Fashion about mixing contrasting pieces of fashion together in one outfit. I thought it was so interesting and very similar to what I do with my own wardrobe every day!

In light of the grand opening of Red Door Vintage for The Christian Center, I thought I would talk a little about how to pair amazing vintage pieces with the clothes that already exist in your wardrobe!

1. Pair vintage statement pieces with modern basics. Grab some essentials like plain camisoles, leggings, and cardis in neutral colors and you're in business! A pretty vintage floral dress paired with some heather gray tights and a colored cardi is a great way to mix clothing genres.

Golden Afternoon Silk Dress

2. Cinch in ill-fitting waistlines with belts over top. I'm sure everyone has been in that thrift store and found the perfect vintage specimen that was just a SMIDGE ill-fitting. Either the waistline was too big or a little too tight with a judgmental pinch in the fabric. A belt can solve both of these problems cosmetically. As long as the garment fits around you, you can cover up the middle seam or cinch in that waist with a belt. I prefer the wide, stretchy belt with pretty buckles that you can wrap around and go!

Mr. Maverick Air Force Shirt

3. Try some shoes with character! If you have a simple vintage dress or shirt, some statement shoes will make a world of difference. Shoes can really give an outfit SO much character without looking like you're trying too hard. This trick works both ways as well! You can pair some great vintage shoes with an otherwise modern wardrobe.

Meeting Mr. Darcy Gauze Dress

4. Accessories are everything! Sometimes you can wear a garment with the risk of looking completely out dated and jaded. As troublesome as this may be, I know one quick fix: accessories. Wearing the right accompanying pieces can make or break and outfit. I find that a sure fire way to modernize ANY pretty vintage piece is nerd glasses. Call me crazy, but I'm in love. They're my trademark. :)

Aloha Hawaiian Maxi Dress

5. Weird is the new Normal. In this day and age, the more interesting and unique the piece, the more in style it might be. Consider fashion icons known for their characteristic ridiculousness like Betsey Johnson, Lady Gaga, and Elton John! A hat with a lot of character could be your new personal trademark.

Threads of Gold Veiled Hat

Well I hope that was a fun look at ways to successfully pair vintage with modern in such a way that you can convey pizazz and flair while still looking your utmost cute. In my opinion, there's hope for every single piece of clothing paired with the right companions. :) It's true. Happy hunting and be sure to check out the shop for some cute and unique pieces you can work into your own closet!


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tori looks a-mazing as always and those photos are so fetch!! love it!! love you laney!!