Monday, August 2, 2010

A wee Wishlist

Sometimes I get on this kick where I have absolutely NO money but I see things everywhere that I would love to buy. haha I find things that I just KNOW would spark my creativity, or make me feel motivated, etc, but the funds just aren't there. So here's a wee little wishlist of cute things that I would love to own right now. (AKA gift ideas. HA!)

This little Momiji Doll would be a perfect way to start a new collection! I saw them at Books-a-Million and fell in love. :)

One of Kim's lion brooches would be DIVINE.

I found this phone cover on eBay and I think it's perfection. This creative girl needs more than a boring black cellular. lol

omg new plushies please!

I want one of these coffee cozies from Twinkie Chan SO BAD!

a spool rack to hang on the wall next to our TV stand. Mmmm yes! (photo by Elsie)

So those are my little wishes currently. Oh my... I really want to make a few purchases or do some swaps!
What are you wishing for?


janel. said...

hmmm..I just so happen to have TWO thread spools!!! Wanna do a trade :) xo janel

janel. said...

eeeek! can you make me something cute?? You know you are my favorite maker of things!!
email me your new address and I will get it packaged up :)

carly. said...

i feel you girl. i am in the same position! i always always always find things that i want when i have no money....*sigh* online window shopping is just not as fun as owning the real thing...but it will have to do, for now.

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

i love all thats on your wishlist! such cute things. :)

veggiecath said...

I know what you mean! I feel like I could buy the entire etsy sometimes :)

瑤彥妏德 said...