Sunday, August 1, 2010


*bottled water
*pocket knife
*bug spray

These are the things we're packing for our little trip today. :) Ian and I both have the day off, so we're going on a hiking trip at Mounds State Park. As I've said before, we went camping almost ever weekend as a child and hiking with my dad are some of the best memories! We're very avid hikers and always walk the trails marker "rugged" with waterfalls, ladders, and tricky obstacles! Here's some pictures of the last time my dad, sister, and I went hiking:

omg my Dad was TOTALLY psyching us up for this hike, too. It was ridiculous. He was all "Ok girls, if we die out there..." hahaha what a funny guy. :) We haven't decided which trail to take yet, but we know we want to go down by the river at some point.

Hiking is a great summer way to stay active and still be at peace while you're doing it. So I'm really excited to get out there on the trails, see some pretty things, and enjoy my day off with Ian! Pictures to come, I'm sure.

Happy Trails!


Heather said...

I love Mounds State Park!! We go there all the time when I'm out in Indiana :) have fun!

Mariana (: said...

Pretty place! Have fun :)!