Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wedding [after] Wednesday

I meant to post this yesterday but it was absolutely nuts! I went shopping with my mom and sister. Ending up picking up some boots, jeweled flats, new backpack, and a few pairs of skinny jeans. LOVE. Anyway, here's a long overdue wedding update! Hope you enjoy!


I've been chugging along on wedding stuffs. Lately, it's been mostly crafty wedding things to cross off the list which is fine with me! I FINALLY got the Save the Date cards done and sent out a few weeks ago. People have been saying that it's pinned on their fridge as we speak. haha LOVE that.

That's the front and back of my lovely little cards. Toiled over and turned out perfect!

I also made our guest book the other day which also turned out JUST as I wanted. I decided to do something a little different instead of just signing their names. At the reception, we're going to have little cards that they can sign their name, draw a doodle, or give us some advice. Then they can slip them into little envelope pockets in our guest book!

The book is actually a strap-bound scrapbook by Creative Memories. I don't normally use strap bindings (I use top loading pages) but I wanted the envelopes to be exposed, so I went with the straps. I think the back of the book is going to be our wedding album. I'll buy more page refills and then all of our wedding things will be in one book!

The last thing I have to share this time is the little info packets I sent out to all my bridesmaids! I sent out little packets with info about their attire, little pictures of each one of them so that they could match a face with a name, and a little note from me. Team Bride!

I just used a combo of pretty fabric, festive paper, and a kitschy engagement ring to tie it off! I hope the girls think they're cute. :)

Well... that's all for now, but I'll make sure to be more regular with my wedding posts as the day gets closer! 114 more days to go!



Alexandra Rae said...

Oh.My.GOSH. I love the packets. ADORABLE. ADORABLE. ADORABLE. I wish my bride had been that thoughtful and cute :-/

carly. said...

that is so so so exciting!! i can't wait to plan my wedding...

Anonymous said...


Amber Zimmerman said...

Those are wayy cute! I love your invites too. BTW, I have one of those little momiji dolls and they are even more adorable in person. I say get one! :-) They are on Amazon too.

Mollie said...

You make me want to get married just so I can make cute stuff for my wedding lol