Monday, June 14, 2010

Florida Chronicles: seashells

Hey y'all! :) Down here near Panama City today! We spent the day at my aunt's house and I helped my cousin clean her room. Being so organized as I am, it was actually a fun and fulfilling way to spend my day! We're relaxing now and I'm excited to read some tonight and start work on a new artist feature! It's a secret! <3

I thought I would show you some beach-inspired love since I'm going to the beach on Wednesday. I love seashells. Always have. We've been coming here a few times a year since I was born and I always come back with an arm-load of shells. They're beautiful. :)

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Wouldn't they be lovely in a pretty pyrex bowl for the summer? Mmmmm. Love.
I'm planning on picking up a lot when I go on Wednesday. Maybe doing a fun project with them?

By the way, I talked on the phone with this pretty girl last night and it MADE. MY. LIFE. love her. :)

Be back soon!

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Alexandra Rae said...

Duuuuuude, I loved it toooooo!!!