Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Artist Feature: Malinda Locke

Here's a little feature on someone that's near to my heart: my little cousin Malinda! She's a young aspiring fashion designer and spends her days off of homeschooling making pretty branded creations in her Florida bedroom! I love her so much and she's such an inspiring person! (Plus she does a PERFECT Tim Gunn impression! HA!)

1. Name and age: Malinda Locke, Age 13

2. Something awesome about yourself:
I can do anything. :)

3. Tell a little bit about what kind of artistry you focus on!
Hmmm what do i do?... I sew practical things that I use everyday like clothes, accessories, and some things for my room. I made a few blankets even though I really despise quilting. haha

4. Describe your personal line or "brand" of design.
My studio, Studio Minda, is half of my bedroom closet! haha I have all my sewing and crafting supplies all in one place and my sewing machine named Brody. She is a Project Runway special edition. And my dress form, Lucy Mae. She stays in my room and wears my every whim!

5. How would you describe your personal style?
I would describe it as easy going... effortless. Like I just rolled out of bed and "Don't I look fabulous?" I love shopping at Goodwill and thrifting in general. It's very one-of-a-kind, my style. :)

6. What are your current obsessions?
I like to try new things with makeup that are very expressive. I also use a lot of shiny fabric. It's fabulous and I'm a shiny person! I'm also obsessed with designing my own line of duct tape bows that I splatter paint with my large collection of colored duct tape!

7. What kinds of specific crafts and hobbies are your favorites?
Knitting, sewing, jewelry making mostly.

8. What/Who inspires you most in your art, wardrobe and home decor?
I love Betsey Johnson! She is SUCH the bomb. Vera Wang's simplicity as well. So simple and elegant. I want to paint my walls white!

9. Describe what you do on your perfect free day:
Watch some TV like Project Runway or America's Next Top Model and craft. Oh and maybe some 19 Kids and Counting! I love that show... I usually make clothes or jewelry.

10. What are some style goals or things you want to accomplish soon?
I want to completely re do my bedroom and buy an entire new wardrobe because a lot of my stuff is too small now. I also need to make some simple summer dresses to wear around. My very next project is to make some clothes for Elaine's Blythe!

11. If you lived in another decade, what would it be?
Probably the 30s because all their stuff was so pretty. I wish I could still dress like them because it's so old fashioned and timeless.

12. How do you come up with your designs on a day to day basis?
Inspiration from everything, like something I see for 700 bucks, I say "Oh gosh. I could make that SO easily!" I sketch out my fashion designs and keep them in my fabulous swirly notebook.

13. Where do you plan to continue your design career in the future?
I want to go to SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). They seem to have an excellent design program. My DREAM is to go to Parson's School of Design, but that most likely won't happen. A perk of Savannah is that I will be closer to home.


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