Friday, June 11, 2010

The Florida Chronicles: Perfect Packing

Helloooo out there! Back today with more, as promised! This is the start of my week(ish) long series called the Florica Chronicles! My Mom, my Nana, and I are taking a road trip down to Alabama/Florida to visit my Great Grandma, Aunt, and cousins and I'm super excited to get in the car tomorrow morning and GO! I wanted to start this series for those of you that might be vacationing this summer, just taking a weekend trip, or simply love the idea of traveling! I'm going to be posting tips, a few little tutorials, updates from me from the south, and inspiration!

My first order of business I thought would be some tips on packing for vacation, as that is the start of any good trip: a good suitcase.

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Below is what my current packed suitcase looks like for a week's vacation:

1. Spare books for entertainment and reading on the beach. Also good for long flights, car rides, or extended family reunions. ;)

2. Clothes. As I've said above, good solid neutrals with some statement accessories. Don't forget a bold necklace and a belt!

3. Travel snacks! I pack a few in my carry-on and then some spares in my suitcase for the trip back. I grabbed some Nutter Butters and a few Special K bars for the road! Things that won't open and spill in your bag are ideal!

4. Jewelry roll. so jewelry they won't get lost in your bag or tangled.

5. Train Case for cosmetics.

6. my shoes! I brought along black flats, white flats, and some cute sandals for the beach!


I always start with the most important first: clothes. You want to pack lots of neutrals with a few key statement accessories so you can mix and match. You can make several outfits out of 4 or 5 good neutral pieces like: a pair of denim shorts, black maxi dress, a few neutral V-neck tees, and a gray vest. You could also throw in a romper or flirty skirt for good measure! Don't forget your swimsuit!

As for your cosmetics, I only pack ESSENTIAL makeup. You won't want a lot because it will melt off your face. Just grab some powder, waterproof mascara, and an eyeshadow quad with cute lipgloss. I also packed my electric toothbrush, toothpaste, extra strength deodorant, and ALL my medications with backups. You never know what new climate and new plant life might do to allergies or chronic illnesses. Some pain killers and motion sickness meds are never a bad idea either.

I chose a soft Heather Bailey zipper pouch I found on etsy for my travel jewelry case. It's perfect to fit some of my favorite cocktail rings and necklaces without getting them mangled together. I nestle mine in between clothing to keep it padded and safe.

Your essential suitcase items are not the only things you'll want to pack for the trip. You never know when the rain might set in and ruin your trip to the beach, so entertaining yourself and staying relaxed is a must. The things I packed in my carry on are as follows:
*NEW magazines that I've never read to keep my attention
*several books for my bookworm personality
*my sketchbook because new places are perfect for inspiring new ideas
*laptop to keep updated on my emails and blogging from vacation
*my Nintendo DS: desperate times call for desperate measures. And it's backlit so you can still play in the dark.
*my cameras: SLR, TLR, and Fuji Instax

To end, don't forget some other essentials for the road that you might want:
*book light
*travel manual
*travel documents
*glasses case
*travel wipes

I hope this was helpful to all of you heading out for a fun vacation. It's also been kind of a fun rendition on "What's in my Bag?" too. haha I'll be back from the road to Florida tomorrow with more travel inspiration and anecdotes!


amy lapi said...

omg where and when will you be in florida?!?! i want to meet you!!!

mandy said...

i'm heading to the panhandle myself tomorrow! i'm heading to pensacola...i used to live there. i refuse to let the oil ruin my trip! :)

Anonymous said...

awww!!! that's such a cute twist on what's in my bag! Have an amazing trip!!! (...if only I was still in Bama...) ;)

love ya!

<3 B