Thursday, June 24, 2010

DIY: Craft Wallet

This is a sweet little summer tutorial that I came up with and SUPER helpful! Something wonderfully cute to tuck in all the little paper ephemera that you collect! You can tuck this wallet into your day bag and store all those little paper pieces you want to use for later! Let's get started!

*paper lunch sack
*washi tape
*paper pack
*chipboard or stickers

Step 1:

Take your paper lunch sake and fold it long ways. Clip off the top (open end) corners and unfold to reveal a point.

Next, fold the bag down almost in half. Fold it enough so that the point can tuck behind the bottom flap!

Step 2:

Next, open the little envelope shape you've created and cut a piece of scrapbook paper to "line" the back wall of the wallet. This makes it bright and happy when you open it! Adhere the paper with a tape runner or glue stick.

Step 3:

After adhering the paper lining, you can decorate the inside however you like! I chose some coordinating stickers and little silver brads.

Step 4:

This next step is FUN! Choose your favorite deco tape or washi tape to tape up the sides of the wallet! Cut a few lengths of tape that match the sides of the wallet. Then place half of the tape width on the front and fold the rest around to the back. Also, do the same to the point that tucks into the flap so that it seals the open end shut.

Step 5:

After placing on the tape border, you can then embellish the outside of the wallet! I got this cute little cuckoo clock cut-out in a craft swap and I thought it was PERFECT for my craft wallet. I also stuck on a faux gem, some ribbon scraps, and a chipboard initial.

Step 6:

The trickiest step in the whole process is step 6. I decided half way through to open up the wallet, take a knife, and CAREFULLY slice open the solid bottom of the pouch to make it deeper. the bottom flap of the paper sack creates a very shallow pocket and carefully slicing open the fold at the bottom make the pocket deeper to the bottom.

Then you're finished! Take this little paper wallet on a day trip to save up all the inspiring brochure snippets, sugar packets, and postcards. I personally love the look of the cardboard coasters you can get at restaurants. :) You could also use it as a makeshift photo pocket "brag book" to share pictures with relatives. :) Whatever you use it for, ENJOY!

If you do this project, link me up! I would love to see your personal take on it!


Carrie Rosalind said...

That is so great! I am totally going to make one for myself. I always have random scraps of paper and ephemera floating around in my purse, this will be perfect to hold them all! Thanks for posting! :)

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Sal said...

ooo i may need to give this a where are my scrapbook supplies...