Thursday, April 1, 2010

DIY: Fuji Instax Camera Strap

This project is SOOO cute and can really be used for ANY camera, not just the Instax! It makes using your camera even more fun and stylish! I love personalizing and this is a fantastic way! (so sorry about the awful lighting. Ick. It does add a certain 1960s look though. haha)

*your favorite coordinating ribbons
*cloth or bead embellishments
*large jump ring

Step 1

Take your large jump ring (or wire) and bend it open with your pliers. Keep in mind that your jump ring needs to be bent in such a way to fit through the little whole on your camera body. It should look like this when you're finished so the ribbon can eventually slip through:

Step 2

Take your existing camera strap and use it as a guide to cut a length of your favorite ribbon! I just "eyeballed" it and didn't measure it with a ruler. lol Some pretty vintage ribbon would be a nice touch! Now would be the time to string on beads if you want accents on your camera strap!

Step 3
Take another ribbon (preferably a wider variety so it will hide the ends of the other ribbon easily) and cut a short length: 1"-1.5". I suggest cutting the ends of teh coordinating ribbon to a point to avoid raveling.

At this point, fold the short piece in half, and tuck in the ends of the longer piece. This creates your strap shape and hides the unfinished ends of the longer piece. Pin in place.

Step 4

Use a sewing machine or hand stitch these altogether across so that it forms a very strong hold. You don't want your camera to fly off and break! It might be a little harder to hand sew since you have to go through 4 layers of tougher material, so I suggest a machine.

Step 5
Take some cute soft embellishments and zig-zag them on the base of your strap to hide unsightly stitching. (Although sometimes it can be charming!)

Step 6
Loop your jump ring through the hole on your camera body and feed the short ribbon loop through. Close the jump ring with your pliers so it fits comfortably without rubbing.


PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to use this strap ONLY to wrap around your wrist for safety. Do not carry or swing your camera by this strap in case it breaks!

Can't WAIT to see what you do with it! Get your photog on and design a new strap for yourself or a friend!


mel said...

now all i need is that camera... ha ha

Bri said...

I love it! I need that camera too! ;)

amy lapi said...

great DIY! it's beautiful :)

Cynthia C. said...
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Cynthia C. said...
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Cynthia C. said...

I am so sorry for my previous 2 deletions!! FB doesn't support the link ):

This is a really late comment but I was just searching on "Instax DIY" and your post came up!! It inspired me to make my own Hello Kitty strap (:

Here is how it looks like.
(I hope this works)

Thank you!!