Wednesday, March 31, 2010

High School Runway

I was reading Mel's blog the other day and saw this post she did on a high school in France. The school is Lycee de Coteaux in Cannes, France and it is a high school fashion institute! First of all..... WHAT!? I would LOVE to go to a high school dedicated to fashion design! I thought the mere concept was simply perfect! THEN I saw the designs.... oh my, I was in love. Mel went to their open showcase and got to see all the different projects and displays and I think she was in love as much as I am! I'm jealous that she got to see them up close. Here are 2 of my favorite displays at their open showcase:

These photos belong to Mel!

This assignment was to design corsets inspired by chocolates and baked goods. I think my very favorite is the one with the lovely giant bow on the left side. LOVE!

This part of the showcase LITERALLY gave me goosebumps when I saw it: shirts designed and inspired by human anatomy. You can see the muscle tissue, rib cage, spine, pregnancy, and more. My favorite is the one with the ruffle running down the middle to resemble the spine. I would wear almost all of these. It takes gorgeous and high fashion to a whole new, dark, but natural level. I love it so much.

So thanks, Mel for letting me borrow these images to share with my readers! SO inspiring and makes me want to get inspired by Spring and break out the sewing machine!


P.s. Who was sad when Anthony went home on Project Runway last week!? I think a little piece of me died. haha So much talent there.

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