Friday, February 12, 2010

get to know him

So I always babble on about my fiancé but I'm not sure I ever really tell anything about him. :)
Meet Ian.

Name: Ian
Age: 22
Occupation: Student of telecommunications. Television and Film Studies option.

How we met: I was visiting a friend's dorm my first few months of Freshman year (college) and as I was in his room, the dorkiest boy I've ever seen comes RUNNING into the room. He's wearing a superhero t-shirt (the Flash) and big black nerdy glasses. Video game controller in one hand, fists in the air, yelling "I BEAT THE GAME!" Then he ran out. And thus is now my fiancé. haha We kind of just hit it off after a period of time where he continually told me all the reasons why i WOULDN'T want to date him. He was nervous. haha.

He's a HUGE comic book nerd. Collects them and the whole 9 yards. Typical boy--> loves video games. NOT a sports fan. His family is irish, so he's all about the celtic heritage. He even has his own kilt. It's legit!

He's an excellent cook! He literally makes the best burger I've ever tasted. He has a secret ingredient. :) He sometimes wishes he would have gone to culinary school instead, but i know he made the right choice.

He loves dogs, stand-up comedy, reptiles, Robert Rodriguez, sno-balls, movies in general, reality TV, cult films, nerf guns, 90s alternative music, remote control toys, and me. :) He does NOT like the deep ocean, politics, mushrooms, roller coasters, or fast-pace dancing. He's a FIEND about brushing his teeth and is an EXCELLENT driver. His very favorite color is green.

He gets crafty sometimes: wood carving, pastel drawings, and mosaic-making. I love all the things he makes and i love it when he leaves me little notes and drawings around my room. He's also VERY shy.

Some of our guilty pleasures together are: reality TV, arcades, thrifting, zoos/aquariums, pet stores, and nights in with pizza and Netflix. We also sometimes get a cake from the bakery for no reason at all. haha

I don't think I'll ever find anyone else that has such a similar sense of humor to mine. Someone that appreciates all the silly little crafts that I do. Someone that will WEAR all the silly little crafts I make. Someone that will act like a litle kid with me and build a blanket tent. Someone that will buy me a label maker for Valentine's Day (it's true!). Someone that will put up with my moodiness and controlling nature. Someone that will treat my stuffed animals like real people. haha Someone that will never make fun of me for not having a driver's license at age 22... I'm certain he's my perfect match.

He has such a SWEET family that shows where he gets his very calm, carefree nature. He's SO calm all the time, and i am so NOT... which again proves that we are perfect for each other.

He's my honeybee.
On November 27, 2010 I get to become Mrs. Elaine Davis... and I'm VERY excited about that.
and excited is quite the understatement.



Carrie Rosalind said... cute! I'm glad you shared information about Ian. You guys are such a cute couple!

Allison Drew said...

Aww... I love it. You two are so cute.

PaperCameraScissor said...

Awwwww- I love reading about true love. tfs!!

Jane Cullen said...

Such an adorable couple. I would be super excited, over the moon happy too!

Sadie said...

Yay! That's awesome. :) Did I tell you my husband was a TV/Film major too?

Miss Wanderlust said...

Hi Ian!!
you have a really great fiance!!
just thought you should know :)