Friday, February 12, 2010

Video and GIVEAWAY!

Valentine Giveaway VLOG! from Elaine R. on Vimeo.

*my drawing book no. 4 flickr set
Happy Love Day, all!


P.S. what was that CRAZY deranged laugh that I did in that video!? hahaha


Allison Drew said...

You are so adorable. I really like your failed flower hair piece. I wonder if it could work if you attached it to a head band?

I get really inspired by vintage valentines day cards. My grandmother saved all of my dad's childhood cards from the 60s. They're amazing.

Ashley said...

I love your blog. :]

What really inspires me about Valentine's Day is love. Everyone wants to be loved (if not with a significant other, than just knowing that someone cares about you). I love hearing about the sweet things people do for each other. I know they should do things everyday, but some don't. It's nice to know that love still exists and is all around! :]

carly. said...

you're super cute! have you thought of making any of your sketch book drawings/pages into prints? they are so cute!!

Heather said...

I read a lot of artsy blogs but yours is one of my favorites...I'm in college, too, and sometimes it's hard to find time to get crafty, but your blog always inspires me.

I loved what you said about drawing in Spanish class! I was actually in Spanish class yesterday and I was kind of doodling and not paying attention, when I realized the professor was staring right at me and then said, "Are you finished yet?" sooo embarassing!

Anyway...what inspires me on Valentine's Day? I've never had a valentine's date, but I love watching other girls get flowers and knowing that one of these days it'll happen to me :)

PaperCameraScissor said...

I would like to know if you plan to have headbands in your etsy( like the one you have on)? I think its so cute. I am trying to think of other ideas for you.

What I love about Valentine's day---the colors( pink and red) and its about LOVE!! I also did a Valentine exchange with some other blogger friends . I loved creating the cards.

I would love to have one of those shirts you made. I am married to what I call my mac geek. LOL---:D
thanks for showing more of your drawings ---I love being inspired by your letters and cute animals( that bear w/the heart is too cute).

Would you be interested in doing a ATC exchange?

Sarah S said...

I too LOVE your blog and even personal style! It's very fresh and GENUINE. so thank you.

As for Valentines Day? My dad would always do something special for me and that sort of love - family commitment, support, trust, whatever you say - seems to be forgotten in the rush of couples celebrating for the holiday. I always thought it was cool to wake up to balloons, to get to leave school for a special lunch, to remember all the facets of love that exist. So - my dad. He's my valentine's inspiration.

Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

That was such a fun little video!

I agree with should make prints from some of your journal pages! Your square bear is so cute!

I love shapes. Simple shapes. Squares and circles. Diamonds and ovals. So I love all the different hearts you can find sneaking around on Valentine's Day. They make me happy, and inspired to make some of my own.

Jane Cullen said...

I heart your blog. Thank you for sharing the link to your drawing book as well as the shots in the video. Is that a moleskine? What size? The thing that inspires me the most about Valentines is giving and receiving little love notes. I love homemade valentines card. Plus I love the chocolate, that in itself is somewhat inspiring. Now I am off to explore your etsy!!

Vanessa said...

cute video! It seems everyone made a video blog this weekend, I am trying to catch up! I usually send out valentines cards to my close friends and my love for them inspires me but this year I was in a wedding (day before valentines day) so I was inspired by all of the wedding happenings. Cute giveaway! Happy Valentines day!

killerxkim said...

your headboard is THE CUTEST THING EVER.
wow. i really want to paint woodgrain by my bed now.

kim smith

Megan said...

What inspires me about Valentines day is giving small little gifts and notes. I love seeing how creative people get with fun little presents and I love making them too!
I was going to say that you could pin your hydrangea flower (adorable by the way!!) onto like a bag or something! Thats just one idea....cuz its way to cute not to show off!

Miss Wanderlust said...

What a cute video!!! I love it :) It is also really fun to put a voice with a face now!!
love you.