Monday, January 4, 2010

2010, Bring it on

I'm here blogging my 2010 mantras and and goals like everyone else in my crafting world. :) I always feel wary calling the "resolutions" because I find it restraining and demanding to say "I absolutely resolve to _________." I don't feel that I can FORCE myself to do something, mostly because I'm stubborn. So if I see it as a challenge and a creative process, I'm more likely to complete it. haha SOooooo that being said, I reveal to you my mantra for 2010:

I want to grow as a person, grow with the changes in my life, grow to love the girl that I am, let my relationships grow, and let my personality grow. :)

I have set a few basic goals for myself:

1. keep a steady pace with the wedding tasks
2. don't rush life
3. seriously consider my FITNESS, not just weight loss
4. finish up my college career on a strong note
5. constantly stay inspired and motivated
6. do what makes me happy as well as what is necessary

I think these are broad enough that I can make some excellent headway in the things that I need and want to accomplish. I feel that this year is going to be one of my very best and i love that I feel happy and healthy as it begins. :)

ASide from that, the holidays were AWESOME! My Christmas with my family was so warm, comforting, and brilliant! Some of the amazing gifts I received are:

Harajuku Lovers perfume

Lady Gaga album

diamond earrings

cutie Bride's emergency kit :)

Nintendo Wii and TONS of games!

sweatpants from my sister's college which i LOOOOOVE!

It was just to magical and sweet. I got SOOO many of the things on my list and loved watching everyone else open theirs! I can't wait to come back in the next day or two to blog about my fitness plan. I'm hoping to get others on board too! I hope everyone is starting off their "twenty-ten" the right way.

I'm loving the thought that I start 2010 as Elaine Read and end it as Elaine Davis. :)