Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Deery me

This week has been... interesting so far. Finals week. Not much to do, but the things i DO have to do aren't fun. haha I've been trying to keep myself entertained with books:

(it's really good, but really weird! haha)

But tonight I'm making one of the tutorials from the Autumn is Love online class by Miss Cake. BOUT TIME! That's all I gotta say! It's the charm bracelet one:

I decided to put a picture of a vintage fawn on mine. I'll share pics when finished. It will be nice to actually have something CRAFTY to share!!!

For now, I'm sharing some LOVELY deer things for you to feast your eyes on. I'm obsessed and I love all these things SO much!

+Deerboy. SO cute!

+kitschy sno-globe! I think I want to try and make one sometime...

+silver pendant

+resin locket-like necklace.

+clay figurine!!!

+earrings. <3 these are GORGEOUS!!!

+little doe neclace!

+WALLET! I want this one REAAAAALLLLLY bad! so so awesome and totally me!

+vintage pendant. Ummmm HELLO! whoa. blows me away.

So there's some cuties for you. <3 I hope everyone's handmade gifts are wrapped and under the tree. Christmas is JUST around the corner and MAN am I ready! I'm ready to give all my giftttssss! Stay warm and stay cute!