Friday, January 8, 2010

Wii are getting fit. ;)

Ian and I are quickly forming a strong bond with our newest friend: Wii Fit Plus. <3 I have deemed this my main workout routine as of now mainly because it is the most realistic and convenient and because it's the most fun! For those of you that aren't as familiar with Wii Fit or the Wii in general, here are some of the things that it has to offer and I have been taking advantage of lately!

Wii Fit is pretty much the next best thing to a personal trainer. It comes with the Balance Board which is very VERY touchy and can register your slightest body movement. This makes it easy for it to correct your form, sense if you're struggling with an exercise, or give you props for doing it right! It can calculate your speed, weight, and SOOOOO much more.

You perform a daily Body Test which tests you on your balance, mental, and physical reflexes. It also weighs you and lets you set a fitness goal. On the Wii Fit you can track your outside activities, count calories, create customized fitness routines or use one of the specialized ones that the wii already has in place. These routines are specialized to target specific areas such as:
1. arms
2. tummy
3. relaxation
4. warm up
5. back & shoulders
6. figure
7. calorie burning

The game offers hundreds of levels of interactive games including balance games, aerobics, yoga, strength exercises, cardio, and more. In the strength and yoga portions, you have the option to choose different trainers for yourself that lead you in the stretches just like you were in a real fitness class. They talk to you, correct your technique, and give you tips.

If you're creating your own fitness routine, the game saves it for you and you can tailor it to your needs using the strength and yoga exercises as building blocks.

you can also use this website to create a username and get pre-made fitness routines in various lengths and difficulties. It also serves as a forum for Wii Fit users and fitness enthusiasts!

Wii Fit also counts the calories you burn each day and can put it into terms of food. If you've burned 100 calories, it can tell you what the food equivalent is!

Ian and I got the Wii Fit as a Christmas gift and also got this Accessory Bundle as well which is awesome! It comes with a Jeli SLeeve to protect your Balance Board, a cutie carrying case for storage and travel, a rechargable battery pack, yoga mat, and socks! haha we love the Jeli sleeve because its much easier to clean!

In short, I like to consider this game more of a program instead. It's a personal trainer in a box if you ask me. I've been using this program for one week and I've lost almost 3 pounds! I love that I'm seeing results and I'm feeling great about working out with Ian every day! I always look forward to it! I hope this can motivate someone and encourage you to get a Wii Fit of your own! It's COMPLETELY worth the money!


Anonymous said...

like like like. I so so want one, but i am really trying to be more frugal with my money especially since i am already flying to bama next week...

<3 B

PaperCameraScissor said...

lucky ducky!! I want this so bad. I also want the biggest loser for the Wii.

corrina jane said...

i'm excited to hear so many things about Wii Fit Plus. I ordered one last week. My parents have the original Wii Fit, and it looks like they added A LOT of nice features to Plus.

Jamie said...

Looove your new banner!!!!!
We have Wii Active that I've been doing but I really want Wii Fit!

amy lapi said...

pahah! i like your title.