Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Hey bloggers! I've missed you! I have so many things to blog about today! I think I'll save a few things for tomorrow that way I can have another post to do then! For now, I'm going to show you all some fun things I have acquired in the past weeks and a few things on my current wishlist. :]

Here are a few things I've gotten as gifts or bought for myself in the past weeks:

+Crop O Dile Big Bite. Birthday gift from my parents!

+Red Velvet Art Skeleton Tee. (Glows in the dark!!!) Surprise gift for no reason from my adorable fiancé <3

+Old Navy Diva skinny jeans. Who KNEW I would look so hot in these!? Totally feel pretty in them.

+Webkinz Pug Puppy. Cute little birthday gift from my sister! Thanks Ann!

+Kurt Halsey stuffed animal post cards. Love his work so much...

+RVA Musica sticker set. Bought especially for the cover of my new moleskine!

+Oz comic books. I love the artwork of Skottie Young and I'm trying to collect all 8 of them in the series. 3 more to go!

+Starbucks mini card. Birthday gift from my auntie and cousins. I looooooove it because it goes right on my keyring!

I also have a few things on my wishlist for Christmas. I might buy a few of these things with the rest of my birthday money. ;)

+Up DVD. So so so inspiring. I need this in my life.

+braided headband. ok, ok i could make this one myself. lol

+Fuji Instax Mini. Need i say more?

+NYLON subscription. oh to have this come to my door every month...

+Toms! Because I STILL don't have any and they're dreamy....and a good cause!

+New Moon tickets! It's coming upppp!!!! Eek!

+Doe a Deer pendant. so expensive, but SO pretty!!!

+Some sort of cutie plaid winter coat.

Alright. This sick girl needs to go to bed! Blog tomorrow with more lovely things. :]


Bekah said...

yay yay yay! I fell asleep before i got your other message on FB. I love that braided headband. and of course the Crop-A-Dile is a classic. :) You have just received a lot of cuteness recently!!!! Don't worry: More on its way!


Lehua said...

i soo want a crop-a-dile! and some toms! :)

Mariana (: said...

OH :O I bought a crop-a-dile a while ago and I love it! makes me want to punch a hole in everything I own!

I love your xmas list ha! toms, nylon subscription,etcetc. :)